A Panel with Neal Shusterman, V.E. Schwab and Samantha Shannon

Where: Waterstones, Crouch End

When: Mar 19, 2018 at 7:15

Have you ever travelled on a train for ten hours just to meet an author? I have a friend bookishly mad enough to do just this, so naturally I did the noble thing of joining. Yep, totally didn’t want to see two of my favourites authors and one of my best friends… this trip was entirely selfless 😉 

As expected the evening was brilliant. We stumbled into the bookshop a little late since we took an accidental 15 minute detour around Crouch Hill (this is why I should never be left in charge of navigation!). I think my friend secretly really appreciated an unwarranted, uninformative evening tour of North London.

Luckily the event hadn’t started yet, although we did have to disrupt an entire row so we could squeeze onto the end (before you ask, it was NOT the easily accessible end). But hey who needs to be likeable.

The authors were unbelievably energetic considering they were talking to a packed bookstore. I’d have freezed up and babbled incoherently about peanut butter for the first fifty questions just to get the flow they had going. They bounced off each other brilliantly as they described favourite bits of their books, certain characters in perilous situations and how useful it is to listen to movie sound tracks as they write (who’d have thought?!).

In an attempt to keep this post slightly informative I’ll give you a brief synopsis of some of the things the authors actually said. Neal Shusterman described a lot about what Skythe is like and is interested in the concept of the cloud ruling human kind in a friendly, helpful way (the techy thing, not the fluffy stuff in the skies). V.E. Schwab is terrified of babies who can swipe on iPads, humans loosing the ability to spell due to technology and is rightfully annoying about the recent censorship of her Shades of Magic novels. Samantha Shannon is curious why, in books like The Hunger Games, the reader never sees outside the country the novels set in. She’s tried to set The Bone Season novels in different locations for this reason: Oxford, Manchester, Paris. She always wrote the coolest message in my new signed novel:

Words give you wings – Samantha Shannon signed this in my copy of The Mime Order

Extra bonus, I was even able to ask a question! Following my friends bravery (she asked VE Schwab a question without any incoherent babble or bright red cheeks, it was truly inspiring) I asked Neal Shusterman weather he liked coding. I know this may seem like a waste of the burning cheeks I developed by speaking in front of so many people but his book is about Artificial Intelligence and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to find another coder-gone-book-worm.

For those wondering, sadly Neal Shusterman does not code. However he has a real knack for answering slightly obscure and unrelated questions at events.

Following this excellent talk my friend and I joined the end of the signing queue snaking around the shop (end because we were slightly oblivious to the seats emptying and everyone joining the queue around us… oops).

I got two books signed, snapped a picture of me, my friend and the 3 authors and nearly left without paying for the books I’d picked up. All in all a total success I would say.

Did you attend this event? Ever met Neal Shusterman, V.E. Schwab or Samantha Shannon? Have any burning questions that this post, severely lacking in information that it is, has missed? Love to hear from you guys in the comments!

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