Three Quick Aims for my Little Blog

One of the pure joys in life is making list. I make tonnes of lists, my phone is full of them. In fact the idea for this post is sitting on a list right now (conveniently called “potential blog posts”). So without getting too confusing this is a list inside a list- a list of aims for my nice, shiny, new blog. Little things that I’d like to achieve while making this blog:

1. To always be me

While writing for other things, like my uni magazine or creative writing competitions, I’ve always tried to be what I’ve thought people wanted. Make everything super serious or sound really sophisticated by using long words, like sophisticated. But here I just want to be me. This blog is where I want to ramble and review and just have fun really, so I’m going to try not cave to any need to make it seem professional.

2. To stick with it

Occasionally I’m a bit of a quitter. I have a guitar in my room collecting dust from when I was fourteen and decided the music industry was for me (it wasn’t). There’s a fanfiction account hidden in the heart of the internet with some awful stories on that I just gave up on. My Goodreads reading challenge (you guys are going to hate me for this) was religiously updated until I came back to uni and just, sort of… forgot.

But this blog I want to be different. I don’t want to just give it up after a few days, I’m going to try and update it. I want to look back at the time I left uni and stepped into the real world and be reminded of how insanely stressful it was much I grew as a person.

3. To have fun

I’m not making this blog to be famous or because it’s going to be some big stepping stone for my career (something tells me a book blog isn’t a massive asset for the old computer science CV). I’m making it because I like reviewing books, love to ramble and want to look back at what I was doing and who I was when I first stepped out into the big wide world. It’s more like a diary (which I decided to share with the world?) than anything else. So I always want to have fun while making it.

Anyway, thanks for reading my aims! If you guys have any aims (or share any of mine!) then I’d love to hear about them! Or, you know, anything you feel like commenting, because I’m lonely and would love that too!

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