Paris: I’m just Talking about Food, is Anyone really Surprised?

My boyfriend and I (being about 90) have recently been making photo albums for the two holidays we went on last year, and we’ve just finished the Paris one. I thought I’d make a quick post about my Parisian food recs (Ok, I’ll admit it, I just like food). I’m planning on following this up with something vaguely interesting about what we did in Paris at some point… 😛

If you ever go to the continent then you’ll know that they can bake. Patisseries and Boulangeries are the best thing since sliced bread (excuse the pun) and make the best food ever. I enjoyed a baguette everyday for lunch slavered with French butter and their tasty and creamy cheese. And, of course, there was a daily pain au chocolat for breakfast. Because I might actually have an addiction.

Armed with our baguettes we’d wonder around all day and just tuck into lunch whenever (although I’m a child usually complain around 11 that I’m hungry and we usually end up eating quite early). Good, cheap and maximises doing stuff. One of the places we ate our baguettes was the Jardin du Luxembourg, which I snapped a picture of and attached to this post.

But I’ve not talked about the most amazing food yet. We went to this massive, converted theatre which had turned into a workers eating room and then, more recently become a restaurant. But here’s the catch: they never stopped it being like a workers eating room. The servers would show people to tables that had free space, so as we were a two we’d often squeeze next to someone or have someone sit with us.

The restaurant was called Boullion Chartier. They served all the classic French food on a very affordable student budget. I tried all manor of delicate French dishes and lightly cooked meats topped off always with a faboulous dessert. And because it was an old theatre the place looked awesome. All golden railings, high ceilings, pretty gas lamps, crammed with people and good food. If you ever go I’d really recommend the place. We went there twice because it was such a unique and excellent experience!

Ok, I should probably stop talking about food now! (Lol, no, I love food). But I will recap some other wonderful Parisian moment in another post, which will include our most romantic moment yet- falling asleep in front of some Van Gogh paintings. We’re nothing if not classy, am I right?

Anyway, thank you for stopping by my blog! Have you ever been to Paris? Or eaten the incredible baked goods over in Europe? (You definitely should). Or have any other cool holiday stories? Or just don’t want me to get lonely because you’re a lovely and sweet person so will comment regardless? Talk to you soon!

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