Books That Made Us Want to Visit a Location

Hello! Prepare to get totally bombarded by me posting in the next few days. With this today, Top Ten Tuesday tomorrow, a YALC recap after I had the most amazing weekend (ahh!) and having just finished Children of Blood and Bone (I need to vent my feels into a review because ahhhh it was amazing). Let’s just the blog is going to be very busy in the next week or so.

But anyway, on with the Blog Hop, which I signed up to write today. Today’s post is all about places we’d love to visit thanks to books set in exotic and charming locations!

My Answer

You’d think being a keen fantasy reader I’d not really want to visit any of the worlds I read about, and yet so many spring to mind. And no I don’t mean the horrors of Panem.

The breath-taking views of the Scottish Highlands in Harry Potter, not to mention the magical castle of Hogwarts (I may have finished education but I’m still waiting on that letter). The tumbling metropolis of New York that’s always bustling with life in The Mortal Instruments series. Even the quant country lanes that Skulduggery Pleasant guides his Bentley down in Ireland.

In fact I’ve written a whole Top Ten Tuesday about all the places I’d love to visit thanks to books. Now we can see what’s on the other bloggers’ bucket lists!


Marcia Marques from Trendy Simple Life


I’m a big fan of Anne Rice and the first time I read Interview with the Vampire, I knew I had to go to New Orleans. I love New Orleans and just recently went back there to celebrate my husband’s birthday.

Allie Block from Girl With a Book and Her Dog

I have always wanted to go to Ireland. I love reading Nora Robert’s Irish romance novels. It is so breath taking!

Leslie Conzatti from Upstream Writer


Pretty much every book I have ever read and loved makes me want to visit the location–it would be one of the reasons I love the book! Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl described the stately Deep South of Georgia in such dreamy terms that I immediately wanted to go visit the area to see for myself! The Dawn of Steam Trilogy by Jeffrey Cook made me proud to be a Pacific Northwesterner, because some of the regions he describes in the book are actually here in Oregon! From the way she describes the places, I would want to explore the hitherto-unnamed world of The Chronicles of Lorrek by Kelly Blanchard. I just want to live inside the books I read!

Casia Schreyer

For a realistic setting, Victorian London. Sherlock Holmes, of course, is a huge draw, but also the Anne Perry mysteries.
Fantasy – Middle Earth, of course, where I will dine all day with fine Hobbits for friends.
Science-Fiction – I want to go to Arakas, before the rains came, and see the vast expanse of sands, the cave cities of the Fremen, and the worms. (Dune)

Brandy Potter from Brandy Potter Books

bpSo mine is a fantasy novel. Many of you who know me well will think that I am about to say Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, but that is only because my favorite fantasy author is a bit obscure. His name is David Eddings. The first series I read from him is called The Elenium and I desperately wanted to be part of that world (Yes I am now singing Part of your world stop laughing at me.) But I loved the characters and the variety in the landscapes, religions and such. Theto have the misunderstood part of that world come to life in The Tamuli series was like Christmas for me. It was sooooooo awesome!!!!!!


So there we have it! All the places we long to travel to, real and not so much. What about you? Where do you most want to visit from a novel? Have you been to any of the places we’ve listed, just to make us jealous? Did you write a similar Top Ten Tuesday? Love to hear from you guys in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “Books That Made Us Want to Visit a Location

  1. I love the idea of this post. I visited the Highlands of Scotland after reading Outlander. And I just finished The Great Alone and now i want to visit Alaska!

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  2. Fantasy didn’t even cross my mind! I agree with all the Hogwarts and Middle Earth comments. And I would have to add the world(s) of the Federation from Star Trek (there are a million novelizations, so it counts).

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