July Wrap Up

We’re only a few days into the new month so this is somewhat topical right? I did one of these for June and it was really fun so here comes July’s edition!

The first topic (this isn’t something official, I came up with the topics last month 😛 )is four blog posts I enjoyed writing and publishing on my own blog this month!

  • Top 10 Books I read While at Uni – this is a Top Ten Tuesday slightly off topic post from the beginning of the month reminiscing about the great reads I enjoyed at university for the last three years.
  • One Book at a Time or Several at Once? – Me and a few other bloggers discussed all things bookish in this blog hop. I was hosting our opinions on how many books we read at once.
  • 10 Popular Books that Lived Up to the Hype – It is what it says on the tin. I liked engaging with others through this posts and continuing the hype for some of our favourite books.
  • My Top Ten Funniest Reading Memories– I just enjoyed writing this gem, it was so fun. Remembering all my daft book moments and laughing at them over the internet is what blogging is for, right?

So I meant to make a list of posts on other blogs that I really enjoyed this month as the month was happening, but I sort of forgot that one… So I have gone to great efforts to try find the blogs I’ve enjoyed most this month…

  • Review of Rebecca on Brunching Book Worms – Suggested to me in the comments section of a TTT this gothic book sounds good, if not a little scary, and something I might pick up thanks to the recommendation and this insightful review!
  • Do you Believe in Second Chances on Brandy Potter Books – A part of the blog hop and an interesting discussion topic, I enjoyed reading what the other bloggers thought, even if I sadly didn’t participate myself in this topic!
  • A Thousand Perfect Notes review by Book Lovers Blog – Ever since Paper Fury (an Aussie book blogger that I’m sure you’ve heard of) announced her book’s release I’ve been watching closely on the reviews to see if I’d like to read it. Being my main bookish gal for recs, I had to check this post out. The review was very balanced and fair but sadly convinced me not to pick up the novel as I’m not a fan of dark reads!
  • Top Ten Popular Books that Lived Up to the Hype by Reading all Night – Another TTT, I appreciated this list since I agreed with basically every book on it! Also the layout of the books is great!


Here are four things I did this month that I really enjoyed. Just in case you wonder what I do when I’m not sitting behind a screen.

  • I graduated! officially a graduate, I donned a funny hat, laughed and snapped pics with friends before saying goodbye to my dear university.
  • YALC!! My favourite bookish event of the year, I fangirled with my bookish pals, queued up for hours to get my books signed and bought far too many £5 books!
  • I took part in a blog hop! As you may have noticed, I took part in my first blog hop! This is the first time I’ve really done things on other people’s blogs so was pretty exciting for me!
  • My friends and I got tickets for Hamilton! We are officially going in February (why is it so far away??!) and I’m so excited!

And finally, here are four things happening in August that I’m looking forward to!

  • Two of my closest friends are getting married! I get to enjoy all the free food and drink and dab my eyes as two of my best friends from uni tie the knot!
  • All the birthdays. Lots of cake all round this month since it’s my boyfriend’s and brother’s birthdays!
  • House hunting! Me and my boyfriend are starting looking for a place before I start work in September! I’m really looking forward to decorating my first proper house/flat (even if it is a rental!)
  • My brother and I are planning a trip to Germany! To bail out of the building works we’re going to go admire castle’s and such in Germany for a week!


And there we go! My second wrap up! What the coolest thing you did this month? Got a favourite blog post I can read? Be great to hear from you!

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