10 Books I’d Mash Together

Did anyone else, in their youth, dip into the world of crossover fanfic? Did you send Percy Jackson to Hogwarts, or read about Clary Fray in Panem? This Top Ten Tuesday, from That Artsy Reader Girl, is all about mixing and matching our favourite fandoms*, so hold onto your laptops as I present to you these mad crossover ideas.

*I’ve taken the topic to mean grabbing some favourite characters of mine and dumping them in other novels.

1. Lila Bard in The Night Circus

Remember Lila? From A Darker Shade of Magic? How much would she, our pirate loving adventure seeker, love to live in a magical circus that travels the world and has slightly sinister undertones?

2. Katniss Everdeen in The Fifth Wave

She survived two Hunger Games, a rebellion that goes slightly mad and some serious make overs, let’s see how she fairs against the end of the world. Because I for one would love to watch Katniss attempt to take down the others with a bow and arrow.

3. Finch in The Raven Boys

This is Finch from The Hazel Wood, btw. You know the one, the sweet guy who loves fairy tales and attempts to help Alice find her mum but only receives hate and ingratitude in response. Yup that guy.

Wouldn’t he and Gansey just make the best of friends. Both from rich families, both wanting magic money can’t buy and both insanely scholarly. Can someone make this happen, please?

4. Tris in The Bone Season

I don’t know why but I peg Paige from The Bone Season and Tris from Divergent as a really great team? With Paige’s supernatural talents and Tris’s special divergent mind they’d be pretty unstoppable in Scion London.

5. Minho in Percy Jackson

Minho from The Maze Runner was in charge of mapping the maze, always being calm and collective. I imagine he’d make a brilliant leader of demigods back at Camp Half Blood.


6. Connor in Harry Potter

Connor is by far my favourite character in Unwind (I couldn’t stomach the dark plot, but loved the characters in this novel). He’s snarky, funny and says ‘Nice shoes’ to any bully he meets. Wouldn’t he just have the best banter with Ron, Hermione and Harry? And can you imagine him squaring off with Malfoy or flying a broom? Would be great!

7. Artemis Fowl in HIVE

Childhood throwback, but evil mastermind in a school for evil masterminds? Seems to work pretty well. Actually I think Eoin Colfer said himself that Artemis would fit right in at HIVE.

8. Zelie in Rebel of the Sands

From one cruel government to another, can you imagine Zelie from Children of Blood and Bone in Amani’s rebellion? She’d be brilliant! As the staff wielding menace she is, between her and Shazad’s swords I can imagine the Sultan standing no chance.

9. Izzy in Code Named Verity

Izzy is the humorous and funny protagonist of The Exact Opposite of Okay, loyal to her friends and determined that women be treated right. Wouldn’t she fit right in with Queenie and Maddie? And I’d like to think Maddie would give her a mouthful for insulting women in STEM to her careers teacher 😉

10. Starr in Noughts and Crosses

Similar themed novels, I think Sephie and Starr from The Hate U Give would make a great team and lend each other strength as they both fight a very tough battle.


There we have it! A full list of great fanfics (in my opinion lol) that if you ever write please link me to it! Do you think these crossovers would work? Any crossover ideas you have? What’s you favourite fanfic? Be great to hear from you in the comments!

19 thoughts on “10 Books I’d Mash Together

  1. Omg, I love your interpretation of this week’s TTT post! Crossovers are my favorite things! I use to love all those TV shows as kids when they had crossover episodes with other shows!

    Ah, Katniss would totally kick butt in The 5th Wave’s world! And its been awhile since I read The Bone Season (I’ve also only read the 1st), but I could totally see Tris fitting into that world!

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  2. This is the best week for fanfiction crossover ideas! Last month I did a challenge for the AO3 Writers Facebook Group and I was supposed to write a crossover… and I had never done one before, but I ended up taking Day and June from Legend and putting then in the Divergent universe.

    I like the idea of putting Katniss into The Fifth Wave. She would be able to hold her own, I think.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Artemis Fowl was tailor made for HIVE. I think The Night Circus would get quite a shock at meeting Lila! Katniss would survive well in any apocalyptic world. I’d love to see Connor in Percy Jackson actually, I think he and Percy would get along so well!

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