Ten Book Blogs I Absolutely Love

Everything is going so well at the moment- two of my closest friends got married and I got to eat the best cake ever surrounded by good friends and great banter, my boyfriend got a job and we’re now house hunting ( :O ) and it’s Tuesday so I get to write a list!

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is all about book bloggers I love so here’s a small list of ten bloggers who inspire me to write and always offer some great content. I’ve tried to tag their about page or latest content so that you can go check them out too if you fancy blog hopping!

1. Book Book Owl

It is no secret that we bookworms have been known to indulge in the odd ‘cover buy’: a book that looks absolutely gorgeous on our shelf. And in the spirit of loving pretty things this blog is beautiful, I love this blogger’s photos, bookstagram and wonderfully colourful blog.

2. Paper Fury

I’m sure she’ll appear on more lists than just mine, but Cait’s persistent posting on all social media, funny asides and exceptionally colourful bookstagram make her a firm favourite. She never fails to make me laugh!

3. Chrissi Reads

Honestly it’s the dedication this blogger shows that impresses me so much. So many times I visit a post and see Chrissi has commented or liked it and it’s really very impressive!

4. Written Word Worlds

Sarah is a booktuber and blogger and not only am I uber jealous of her colourful shelves I find her blog posts to be well written and the art and images they feature to be absolutely amazing.

5. Jenniely

Jenn’s blog and twitter really inspire me since she is very involved in the community and seems so happy to share her seasoned blogging advice and is always happy to interact with new bloggers!


6. Almost Amazing Grace

One of my favourite blogs, I love how Grace writes. Each of her posts could easily be an extract from a book, they’re so well written and captivating.

7. Reading Under the Blankie

It’s clear this blogger doesn’t do anything by halves. Her posts are always beautifully laid out, well written and easy to read with lots of interesting and informative content. I admire the time she puts into her blog each time I check out her posts.

8. Nut Free Nerd

Holly is a book lover on her year abroad from the US to England and it’s so fun hearing about all her adventures both in fiction form from her book content and real life. She’s been studying at Oxford this year, a town I know well, and it’s very funny to see her take on it!

9. Book Lovers Blog

A great friend and an amazing blogger, this blog got me interested in blogging in the first place and always offers inciteful and well written posts. It helps that we have basically the same taste in books.

10. Hammock of Books

I met this blogger through Top Ten Tuesday actually since we pretty consistently swap comments on posts and some great YA fantasies appear on her lists! I like how colourful her blog is and really enjoy reading all the funny tags 🙂


So there you have it! The bloggers that impress me the most. What blogs do you love? Have you check out any of the above? If you’ve done a Top Ten Tuesday it would be great to check it out!

24 thoughts on “Ten Book Blogs I Absolutely Love

      1. Paper Fury for sure, but I feel like at least 70% of these lists have that in common. xD Plus, Jenniely! For the amount of blogs out there, 2 out of 10 is pretty good. 😉


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