10 Books to Bring you out of a Slump

It’s a universal truth that reading slumps suck. However, yesterday me and my book blogging friend sat at a bus stop and discussed this Top Ten Tuesday topic and came to the conclusion that we have the cure to all your reading slumps. A list of ten books so un-put-downable that you’ll never slump again, only crave more bookey goodness.

1. A Darker Shade of Magic

Despite being long (I find longer books aren’t always great for slumps) this novel is exciting, fun and very pacy. It trapped me in during my exams after a slump of “I’m reading too much for revision and don’t want to read in my free time”.

2. Rebel of the Sands

I know, I know I bang on about this series way too much but it genuinely did pull me out of a slump. The first one is also short, fun with an easy to follow story-line, won’t bog you down at all!

3. The Exact Opposite of Okay

Short, funny and very easy to read. If you’re feeling bogged down this will definitely cheer you up.

4. Maximum Ride

Ok, admittedly I read these when I was quite a bit younger but they are so funny it barely feels like reading. From Max’s witty narration to great descriptions of flying the first three of these kept me thoroughly entertained on a one ill-thought through night during my GCSEs.

5. Caravel

Again, a short novel but very easy to read. It’s got action from the get-go and just recently pulled me out of an albeit small slump!


6.Β Children of Blood and Bone

This novel is rammed with action, exciting characters and twists and turns galore to always keep you at the edge of your seat. It’s so well written you’ll soon finish all 500 pages.

7. Heroes of Olympus

Because sometimes you need something light-hearted to lift the mood. Any of Rick Riordan’s books will do, Heroes of Olympus just helped me out in several stressful exams seasons where all I needed was a handful of scrapy demigods and some silly jokes.

8. Harry Potter

Because how can you give up on the magic of books while reading about Harry’s adventures in Hogwarts?

9. The Hunger Games

I remember being absolutely gripped by The Hunger Games, I was rarely seen without the book when I first read it. It’s got a quick and exciting plot, isn’t too long and is written in a way that will never let you put it down.

10. City of Bones

Light hearted, funny and full of action. I raced through the first three of these they were so good!


So there we have it! Ten books that will drag you out of that slump and breathe new excitement into your bookish past times. Did you do a Top Ten Tuesday? Read any of these novels? Do you agree? Would love to hear from you in the comments!

21 thoughts on “10 Books to Bring you out of a Slump

  1. I had The Exact Opposite of Okay and A Darker Shade of Magic on my list this week too. And yes, anything by Rick Riordan is ideal for getting out of a reading slump. All the rest of these are great too, the only ones I haven’t read are City of Bones and Maximum Ride!

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      1. I know, who would have thought? So both you and Nicola keep telling me, I just find the size and length of her series so daunting-she seems to be spawning more and more spinoffs every day!


  2. These are so many of my favourite series and I definitely have to agree they would cure a reading slump in a heartbeat! Give me any Rick Riordan book and I’ll fly through it no matter what mood I’m in.
    I just recently bought the A Darker Shade of Magic trilogy so I guess I know what books to turn to for my next slump πŸ˜€

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  3. The Heroes of Olympus didn’t catch my attention like I thought it would. I am still waiting to get around to the City of Bones and the Hunger Games. Thanks for sharing and happy reading.

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