Ten Great TV Shows

Hello there! I’ve travelled up north for training at my first proper job at a company who make TV so could this topic be any more, well, topical?! I’m not a big TV person sadly, but in the spirit of Top Ten Tuesday I’ll give it a go!

1. How I Met you Mother

Although a long time since that not so happy ending, I must have been a big fan because ‘The Bro Code’ (a gift from my friend for my 15th I want to say? birthday) still adorns my book shelf. I remember loving Barney’s ridiculous rules and funny encouragements for his friend Ted.

2. Friends

A show I actually saw recently! My housemate and I used to watch them together to avoid the stress that was our impending dissertation deadline. Surprisingly enough I didn’t enjoy them as much as I remember where I was a kid and they were on everyday from 4? Ross and Racheal annoyed me so much with their jealousy, trickery and neediness.

3. Sherlock

THESE ARE SO GOOD. I love anything Sherlock Holmes-esque normally, although the books are little disappointing, because clever detectives are just my jam. And these are done so well.

4. Doctor Who

I am in no way a ‘Who-vian’ and sadly stopped watching these after the tenth doctor (sorry Matt) but never-the-less remember tuning in weekly and ensuring I never missed an episode as a kid. It helped that they were always on BBC Three (RIP) after school.

5. Musketeers

Another favourite show of mine and one I invited my now boyfriend and his flatmate round to watch during the first year of uni when we were in the awkward ‘does he like me’ stage. I cannot get enough of these four very good looking musketeers and their gun slinging adventures in France.


6. Blackadder

I have seen them all, loved them all and had to pay homage to their brilliance. (I’m not including season one in this because ew). I mean who can not enjoy the adventures of Blackadder and Baldwick as they take on various periods of history.

7. Merlin

It’s got dragons, magicians, kings, knights, adventures, castles, evil sorceress, unicorns need I say more? How can I not mention Merlin, the only box set I own in full and seem to watch embarrassingly too often.

8. Faulty Towers

Unless you live in England and are semi old you’ve probably never heard of this one. But it’s a very funny comedy series from ye olde days that I, as a sad person, love. It’s set in a hotel and each episode had me splitting my sides.

9. House

No I am not suddenly into home relocation or decoration or whatever is adorning ITV3 right now. House, a show my friends and I binge watched back at boarding school, is all about a mad doctor who solves the unsolvable and saves lives.

10. The Mentalist

There’s a bit of a theme here. The Mentalist is about a genius, Sherlock like detective who solves slightly gruesome murders in America. I do like those unsolvable cases type shows.


So there you have it! Ten great TV shows that I’ve really enjoyed! I realise my list probably not as cool as many other people since I don’t actually watch all that much TV (oops) but hey we’re back to books next week with ‘Hidden Gems’ so stay tuned for that! (See what I did there? Stay tuned on a list about TV? hehehe). I’ve also got my August wrap up written and that will be published imminently.

Have you read any of these shows? Got any recommendations of similar ones?Β Have a list yourself for me to check out? Would be great to hear from you in the comments!

65 thoughts on “Ten Great TV Shows

  1. Great list! Blackadder is so much fun. πŸ˜€ I keep meaning to watch Musketeers – I need to get on that at some point.

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  2. Great List! I love How I Met Your Mother though I didn’t know the Bro Code is an actual book πŸ™‚ I get what you mean about Friends. I used to love the show back in the day but not sure that I’d feel the same way about it now.

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  3. I also used to love Doctor Who, but unfortunately stopped watching it a few years ago after the eleventh doctor. Friends and How I Met Your Mother are two shows I really enjoy, even though I have yet to finish HIMYM because I spoiled the ending for myself!
    My TTT

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  4. House was quite the show. I don’t normally watch a lot of medical stuff, but the main character was so interesting that i made an exception for that show.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

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      1. I am not a great example of whether or not it’s competitive! I was lucky enough to get a summer job over a couple of summers that turned into a permanent position. I know it wasn’t competitive the summer I applied, but having since done the hiring for the position, it turned out to be quite competitive. But normally I think it is! (Also depends on your location, and whether or not the community as a whole values history – it’s much more competitive in places like the UK rather than where I live in Canada because history is not as big of a thing here!)


      2. I’ve heard it’s very tough there definitely! Which is a shame because I would love to live and work there one day. I studied mostly European history! It’s a pretty cool job as it’s what I want to do, but it mostly deals with local history, which is not what I studied at all haha


      3. It’s not a silly question at all! The early modern period is roughly 1500-1800 (which is sometimes confusing because that’s not really modern at all in my opinion, but I could go on for ages about the misuse of the word ‘modern’ in history) ☺️

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  5. Love your list! How I Met Your Mother and Friends are both shows I could rewatch forever, they’re fun and entertaining no matter what! Sherlock is amazing too, and I’ll have to check out the other shows on your list because I haven’t seen them before!


      1. OMG! Yes!!! I was so mad that the WHOLE last season is wrapped around their wedding weekend, for it to just implode.


  6. Nice list! Good luck with your job! I’ve seen a couple of these but not The Mentalist or Blackadder so I might get around to that, I’d forgotten about those.

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      1. Haha I’ve seen some of the other ones but yes they are different! It’s good to know you liked them so I can check them out. (I find House a little too sad at times, and also I’m more interested in the medicine part than the messed up characters. xD) Also I’d heard Merlin was good but totally forgot it exists so now I have to remember to check it out.

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  7. MERLIN MERLIN yesssssss ❀
    Omg I've watched the entirety of that show twice now (and frequently get caught in Youtube holes of watching clips from the show)
    My heart just aches everything I think about the ending of that show.
    I would give up my soul to have some sort of TV series/movie continuation in modern day or something.
    Lol wow sorry, that was a lot of gushing there πŸ˜…


    1. Yay another Merlin fan ❀️ I am the same, I watch it wayyyyy too much 😝 it would be nice if they’d continue it and I was a little sad that Arthur’s reign had so little screen time compared to Uthers 😭 gushing about Merlin is more than acceptable on my blog, in fact I’d say it’s encouraged πŸ˜‚


      1. Yes, the show definitely needed more of Arthur’s reign!
        And oh good because I will never stop gushing about Merlin 😊 Lol how often do you watch Merlin?
        Last night a couple of my housemates and I watched the movie King Arthur: Legend of Sword. It was a fun King Arthur retelling but ahhhh, nowhere near as good as Merlin (and definitely made me want to start rewatching the show). Lol the funny thing tho was that Katie McGrath was in this adaptation too (tho she was only a minor side character)


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