September Wrap Up

Time to say an official goodbye to summer and my first official month of adulting by wrapping up September in a very informal list that comes in fours. I’ve also added a new category this month of the things I’ve read, in case you are interested!

What I’ve Read in September

📚 Caravel- started the month of with a high as I followed Scarlett into the shimmering depths of Caravel and it’s sinister underbelly.

📚 Ace of Shades – I then visited the grim streets of New Reynes with this dramatic read full of flirting, card tricks and street gangs.

📚 The Railway Man – I took a step back from YA and read the heart wrenching autobiography of a World War Two Prisoner of War.

Favourite Posts on my Blog this Month

📝 Fall TBR – I planned what I would attempt to read this fall (most of it YA releases that I am long overdue a read off…) in this Top Ten Tuesday post.

📝 Reading Hyped Books – My opinion on whether reading hyped

📝Ten Books by Authors I Love – 10 Books I’m excited to read because the author writes amazingly well

📝 Books to Read in Pairs – this fun little tag was all about books I’d read in pairs! Aside: don’t write posts while hungry…

Here’s a few pictures from September! They’ll probably make more sense if you read the list of things I did this month!

Favourite Posts from Other Bloggers this Month

💻 Five Classics that Should be given Modern Adaptions – I really like the idea behind this post and completely agree with the blogger! I’d love to see a modern adaption of these classics, especially Sense and Sensibility, since they’re good and powerful stories but just feel a little dated.

💻 Book to Movie Adaptions watched in August– Although this blogger talks about August it was published in September! It was really interesting to read Jessica’s opinions on these TV and film adaptions of books and how they square up to the books, a really cool and unusual feature!

💻 A Stir Fry and Book Recommendation – this bloggers signature highlight is matching food with books. This stir fry recipe not only got my mouth watering but the book recommendation was great and really fun to chat about with the blogger!

💻Books with Autumnal Vibes – Although I hadn’t read that many books on the list I did enjoy the theme of the post (being so topical and all!) and liked chatting with the blogger several times this month, bonding over both Lord of the Flies and Warriors, which seemed like an odd combo.

Things I Did in September

🍒 Visited IKEA a lot! Because my new house needed furniture and Swedish meatballs rock! Can we all take a moment to appreciate how wonderful IKEA is?

🍒 I spontaneously saw Wicked! Yep my friend and I found cheap tickets and spontaneously went. And it was brilliant! I’m loving being a spontaneous Londoner!

🍒 I saw peacocks in a park! My friend came down to have dinner with me after work and we watched peacocks and chatted, which was great fun!

🍒 I played centuries old Trivial Pursuit! In dire need of games for our friends coming round on a rainy day my boyfriend and I raided the local charity shop and found a game of trivial pursuit, little did we realise it was made in the 80s…

🍒 I went to Manchester twice! It was on business but it was still fun to go somewhere and there was a fry up every morning so I can’t complain really!

And there you have it! September has been a very exciting month both on and off the blog and I’ve now lived in my new house for a whole month! It’s lovely, my friends came round and said it was like living in a fairytale since it’s over a river in a little village. October should be equally exciting so stay tuned!

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