10 Fictional Monsters

Halloween means my birthday and this year I’ve been majorly spoilt, with many treats, including a trip to a Harry Potter filming location (eek!). But it also means spooky like posts so here’s an appropriate Top Ten Tuesday.

It’s a Halloween freebee this week and I’ve chosen to describe ten freaky monsters from books I’ve really enjoyed.

1. Abdals from Rebel of the Sands

Scary clay men who annihilate people with one touch, turning them to dust? Sounds pretty spooky to me.

2. Basalisk from Harry Potter

This creature scared me tonnes in the movie, although I think Aragog gave a few people nightmares too. The Chamber of Secrets is basically a horror film.

3. Nailiah from Children of Blood and Bone

A nice friendly saber toothed lioness that could tear people apart. Yep, seems pretty monsterous.

4. Ridderack from Throne of Glass

I found this creature very terrifying. The gangly description it’s sinister killing methods of fully grown men. Definitely gave me the chills when it was in that underground tomb.

5. Scapegrace the Zombie from Skulduggery Pleasant

Skulduggery is full of scary things. With heaps of ghouls to pick from I felt Scapegrace and Thrasher deserved a shout out. They were side splitting hilarious and pretty scary in their own way I suppose.

6. Neamen Lion from Percy Jackson

Again, PJO is abundant with beasts but the Neamen Lion was the first (I think?) monster Percy faced since being a hero. I remember he fed it gross NASA food in a museum which was hilarious.

7. Greivers from The Maze Runner

I really struggled to picture these from the books, although the film’s helped somewhat. They were creepy, bug like (?) and very monsterous.

8. Enim from The Bone Season

Another flesh eating beast prowling around a settlement, the Enim are the all terrifying beasts that roam the forests of Oxford.

9. Mutations from The Hunger Games

I think this is what they’re called, I’m talking about those horrendous wolf things that attack Katniss and friends at the end of the first book.

10. Dream Monsters in The Raven Boys

I don’t know if they’re ever named but Ronan dreams up some terrifying mask wearing ghouls that attack him and Adam in the dead of night. Then they destroy Ganseys beloved car, it’s all very dramatic.

Lets Compare Notes

So there you have it! Ten Spooky Halloween fictional monsters! Do you agree with my monsters? Did I misremember any of them? Got any more? What was the topic of your spooky list, if you made one? Feel free to drop a link or comment!

11 thoughts on “10 Fictional Monsters

  1. Great list! Yes, the mutts in The Hunger Games were terrifying – especially as, if I remember correctly, they’d been made using the bodies of the fallen tributes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh happy birthday tomorrow! I’m curious about the Basilisk as I’ve only ever seen the first movie and read the first book . Sad, I know! And the Mutations were pretty nasty!


    1. Thank you! Aw well I would say you’re in for a treat but I found it terrifying. The other movies and books though are 👌 you’re in for a treat if you keep going! They were horrific! Someone reminded me they looked like the other dead tributes and that’s so grim ðŸ˜Ģ


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