October Wrap Up

So here we are at the spooky end to the month and for me it’s been great! With my birthday and tonnes of great reads.

Books I read this Month

πŸ“š Throne of Glass– I started the month off with a very popular book only to find it a disappointment! Read all about it in my review.

πŸ“š Flawed – my faith in Twitter was recovered as I raced through this novel and absolutely adored Celestine.

πŸ“š Hero at the Fall – I’d heard mixed messages so was slightly worried as I embarked on this one but really needn’t had been! It was great!

Posts I Enjoyed Writing this Month

πŸ“ Ten Fictional Villains – my top ten favourite villains from YA Books, nothing better than a good antagonist!

πŸ“ How I Post Consistently – a discussion post that was featured on a publishers website! My tips and tricks for consistent posting.

πŸ“ Ten Fictional Monsters – it’s clear my blog took a sinister mood this year because here are ten monsters to match those ten villains!

πŸ“ Spooky Would you Rather Tag – The spookiness continued as I chose between spooky things, although I did choose the cop out option every time πŸ˜‚

Posts I Enjoyed Reading this Month

🍍Fall Book Covers – these autumnal book covers really put me in the fall mood 🍁🍁

🍍 Books and Cinnamon Buns – I did not realise national cinnamon bun day was a thing, but I’m celebrating every year after reading this post!

🍍Feminist Fridays – Holly addresses a gap she’s found in her English course in this post all about the portrayal of women in one peculiar classic.

🍍The Greatest Showman Tag – it had the Greatest Showman in, need I say more?

Cool Things I did this Month

πŸ‘» I aged! I’ve managed to drag my birthday out for many treats this year, with a trip to a Harry Potter filming location, a meal out, a birthday meal in, lunch out at work and a party with friends. Yep, I’m definitely spoilt.

πŸ‘» I went to a pen convention…? Described as YALC but for fountain pens, I got the honour of traipsing round a surprisingly full pen convention in London.

πŸ‘» I attended a fancy work party, and polished off lots of canapΓ©s before a very nice main meal.

πŸ‘» I explored the local marsh! Because we now live in the countryside I have a local marsh. My London based friends came to visit and we went for a little explore after a waffle based breakfast, yum.

4 thoughts on “October Wrap Up

  1. When you said exploring the marsh, i had all sort of scenarios pop into my head, most of them on the lines of horror films πŸ˜€ Glad to see you have returned!


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