10 Bookish Items I’d Like

Happy Tuesday! Hope you’ve had a great week, I’m still reeling from the weekend where my very nice friends got me tickets for Matilda since they know I like books and musicals. A very cool treat!! I’m hoping to have a write up on the play for you all soon!

But back to Tuesday, and by that I mean Top Ten Tuesday! A meme, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, where book bloggers list ten bookish things. Today’s topic was on bookish items we’d want although I’m going to mix it up and go for items in books I’d want because characters have some really cool stuff.

1. Caelena’s Amulet in Throne of Glass

Bestowed amulets of unknown magical powers from long dead fairy queen’s that are meant to protect you? Sounds pretty useful to me!

2. Scarlett’s Dress in Caravel

I find it very difficult to pick out what to wear and it just takes time away from the important things I should be doing, like scrolling through Twitter or reading. A self dressing outfit would be a pretty good solution.

3. Kell’s Coat from A Darker Shade of Magic

Who would not want Kell’s magical, ever changing always appropriate coat?? Also it has pockets.

Aside: it took me so long to convince my phone to write Kell and not Kelly 🙄

4. Jin’s Compass in Hero at the Fall

Jin and Ahmed’s compasses always point to each other. I would just attach the other compass to my phone and all my problems of loosing my stuff would be over!

Also, my phone is now insisting Jin is called Jim. These magical names just really don’t gel with my phone.

5. Zelie’s Scroll in Children of Blood and Bone

Because who wouldn’t want a magical old scroll that can’t be destroyed but gives you magic powers?!

6. Gansey’s book in The Raven Cycle

I might want this just because Blue ogles over it so much, but it does sound pretty cool to have a book of maps, cuttings and other useful research things. I wish my notes were that neat!

7. Magnus’s Sword from Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer

A sword that sings, offers useful insights and does the fighting for you? Yup the only kind of sword I could wield.

8. Leo’s Bronze Dragon from Heroes of Olympus

Might not fit in my back garden but yes I really do want to fly around on a massive, fire breathing, bronze dragon.

I could go on to list all the things they have a Camp Half Blood because I would take any of the heroes accessories. Magical caps, pens or horses? Yes please.

9. Harry’s Broom from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

My phone’s internet has failed me and I’m not sure which book Harry gets given the Firebolt in, but fastest broom around? I’ll take one of those.

10. Jenna’s Chocolate Charm in Magyk

Sometimes I could just do with making random things chocolate and eating them. Especially when I’m hungry…

Lets Compare Notes

What bookish item would you want most? Do you want any of the items I do? Have you read any of these books? Would love to read your list or opinion if you drop it by in the comments section!

32 thoughts on “10 Bookish Items I’d Like

  1. Love your take on this week’s TTT Topic! Even though I’m afraid of heights; Harry’s Broom would be so awesome to have! and Leo’s bronze Dragon: yesss! But again: the heights.. sigh haha. And that scroll sounds really awesome! I need to read that book soon so I can read more about it.


    1. Thanks! I actually never thought about this but I’m afraid of heights 😂 the shocking revelation that my list is not all that sensible. Although I would still take a flying bronze dragon, I feel of you fall he’d probably go and find you. Oh you so should! Is Children of Blood and Bone on your tbr?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the way you’ve done this week’s topic. It’s such a great idea to do it like this! Harry’s broom would definitely me something I urgently need. It’d make beating the morning traffic to university (and home!) so much easier. 😂


  3. Love this list! And Kell’s coat is definitely my number one. I would probably spend months studying it


  4. I think this is best take on this week’s topic I’ve read so far!!! I can’t even decide which one I’d want the most – they are all such perfect picks. I kind of want to be shallow and go for Scarlett’s dress though, it just sounds like it would make my life so much easier lol



  5. I would love basically all these things-Scarlet’s dress would take all the hassle out of dressing for sure! I also desperately want Kell’s coat-you could have a coat to go with every outfit without the cost of multiple coats and yes POCKETS. Magnus’s sword might get a bit annoying after a while though!


  6. This is a fun list! I love that you talk about some of the fashion in books. I too feel like I’d like to have some of the beautiful dresses (like from “The Selection” series) on book covers. I have no where to where them, but I really don’t care. 😉


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