Top Ten Platonic Relationships

Hello hello! And welcome to Tuesday, which means another top ten! I’m super happy this morning, having just Skyped an old friend in Australia and am planning to get dinner out tomorrow with another friend. I’ve also got my first Christmas dinner coming up this weekend, can’t really complain can I!

But on with the post. Today’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is all about platonic relationships. That is friendships, a relationship everyone knows about but seems all too uncommon in novels. Here’s a list of ten platonic relationships I enjoyed reading recently!

1. Bailey, Poppet and Widget from The Night Circus

What can be stronger than a friendship that makes you run away and join the circus? While the adults were failing to be mature it’s these three who save the circus in the end.

2. Tella and Scarlett from Caravel

Scarlett and Tella’s bond was one of my favourite aspects of this novel. They really cared for each other and, despite their different personalities, both wanted the best for each other in the end.

3. Valkerie and Skulduggery from Skulduggery Pleasant

I’m sure there are countless fanfics shipping these two together (which I find a little odd given how much younger Valkerie is) but they clearly are good friends who are always willing to throw themselves in certain peril for one another.

4. Anita and Izzy from The Exact Opposite of Okay

This friendship was one of the highlights for this novel. Anita’s unwavering loyalty was lovely, nothing says friendship more than throwing fruit at the press.

5. Captain Westfall and Dorian from Throne of Glass

I’ve only read the first one and, although there were a few tense scenes, these two are largely friends since birth, always looking out for each other.

6. Shazard and Amani from Traitor to the Throne

Shazard and Amani soon become firm friends in their rebellion when Shazard teaches Amani how to fight. Their desperation to protect each other and the loyalty they show one another is very sweet and this is eptiomised when Amani gives Shazard the genie’s second gift in Hero at the Fall.

7. Rye and Kell from A Darker Shade of Magic

As brothers these two have a royal bond like no other. While Rye is desperate to become the prince he thinks he should be, Kell is desperate to protect him and their friendship really adds to the novel.

8. Zelie and Amari from Children of Blood and Bone

There’s a bit of tough love between these two at first but in the end they become pretty firm friends, helping each other in fights and dancing together at parties.

9. Khalia and Lira from To Kill a Kingdom

This novel was all about friendship and loyalty. Lira’s desperation to save Khalia and Khalia’s unwavering respect made this relationship one of the gems in this novel.

10. Elizabeth and Jane Bennett from Pride and Prejudice

One of the best relationships I think there is in literature, Jane and Elizabeth are inseparable. Despite Elizabeth always being told she’s less pretty than Jane there’s no bad blood between them, they really care for each other and only ever build each other up.

Let’s Compare Notes

What’s your favourite Platonic relationship in a novel? Have you read any of the ones I’ve listed? Would love to hear your opinion in the comments section! And feel free to drop off a link to your own list if you made one! 😁

23 thoughts on “Top Ten Platonic Relationships

  1. Great list! I do love Elizabeth and Jane’s relationship in P&P, it’s so clear from so many of Austen’s work that the most important person in her life was her own sister. I really need to read Children of Blood and Bone soon!

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  2. Lizzy and Jane have such a great relationship… and nice to see Dorian and Chaol… I hope you love the remaining books too 😊😊


  3. Elizabeth and Jane are on my list too. I didn’t think of Bailey, Poppet and Widget, but that’s an excellent one.


  4. This is the second list I’ve seen Skulduggery Pleasant on! I need to take a look at that series. And of course Elizabeth and Jane are great. πŸ™‚


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