November Wrap Up

Books I Read

(This is less than normal since I attempted NaNoWriMo)

πŸ“š Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor

πŸ“š To Kill a Kingdom

Blog Posts I’ve Enjoyed Writing

πŸ¦‰Fall Book Tag – I found this tag really fun! All about which wintery bits I associate with which novels!

πŸ¦‰Trip to Avebury Henge and Manor – I tried something new on the blog and wrote up a trip I went on! Full of history and a recount of a really fun day!

πŸ¦‰10 Bookish Items I’d Like – a spin on the Top Ten Tuesday topic, items featured in novels I’d love to own.

πŸ¦‰Fall TBR Update – a recap on how my fall tbr is going! What I’ve managed to read and still plan to!

Blog Posts I’ve Enjoyed Reading

🍁A Wizards Cream Tea – not only do the hot chocolates look amazing, but this bloggers mouth watering write up will tempt you to no end

🍁 5 Books I almost DNFed but now Love – a great list that gave me hope for Throne of Glass! Some great books on here πŸ‘Œ

🍁Anticipated November Releases – I love it when bloggers make these lists, just to hear what exciting things are going on in the book world!

🍁 Beginners Guide to Contemporary Books – I loved this post! The layout was great, the recs were so well thought through, and the idea was amazing!

Things I’ve Done

🐧I saw Matilda! A very nice birthday gift I went to the Cambridge Theatre, London and saw the Matilda Musical! My friend knows I like both books and musicals so the gift was pretty perfect!

🐧I played way too much Catan! Two of my friends from uni came to stay over and we played way too many board games then went for a fun countryside walk.

🐧I went to the Student Radio Awards! I attended the awards at the O2 in the VIP section, which was amazing. I could never afford to go as a student when I was actually doing student radio so this was very cool.

🐧I had my first Christmas! Might seem very early but last weekend I went to a friend’s for “fake Christmas” which included a sleepover, Christmas food, Christmas film’s and charades. They even woke us up with stockings!

9 thoughts on “November Wrap Up

  1. ahh thank you so much for featuring my posttttt Hannah!!!! ❀ +++ that "fake christmas" sounds so cool & fun c: c: c:


  2. Oh, i used to play Catan. It’s quite fun! :)In recent years i don’t really have these friend gatherings, so haven’t played anything lately.


  3. This fake Christmas party sounds too adorable. What a great way to celebrate early. I’m sure you put a lot of work in NaNoWriMo, so reading only two books is understandable. I hope you enjoyed To Kill a Kingdom. Happy December!


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