Best Books I Read in 2018

Can you believe it’s 2019?! 2018 was such a rollercoaster for me, with striking university lectures, stressful dissertations, panicking about jobs, the roller coaster that was the world cup, house hunting, living in a building site for three months and finally being where I am now. It’s mad to think back on it all and it feels sort of unreal, so much has happened.

But if one things stayed pretty stable it’s my love for books. So here’s a Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader, listing my top ten reads of 2018.

1. Children of Blood and Bone

Easily in the top ten and possibly first place, I adored this novel and can’t wait for the second one to come out in 2019. This novel was so big it defined my start of summer reading. I read it in an Air B and B in Brussels, between goals while watching the world cup, on the hot and stuffy replacement bus to YALC and while doing my summer job, waiting for kids at airport terminals.

2. To Kill a Kingdom

If you read my review you’ll know I loved this novel. It was fantastic, enchanting, funny, well written with a plot that will always keep you on the edge of your seat!

3. All Quiet on the Western Front


This emotional rollercoaster of a book saw me through several long train rides into work. It showed me a perspective on the First World War that I’d never read or understood before.

4. Traitor to the Throne


How can this author make politics this entertaining to read?! This novel drew me into reading when I was drowning in dissertation stress and wading through job applications. A great read but a less fun memory.

5. Caravel


Beautiful descriptions, intriguing characters and an intricate plot made this novel amazing. It’s also the novel I decided to take up to Manchester with me on my first visit so I distinctly remember it for that.

6. Ace of Spades


The first novel I read since starting my first full time, permanent, real life not ending and is now my life job on that long train ride up for my first day. I remember feeling just as lost as Ennie stepping into New Reynes on my first day at the office.

7. The Exact Opposite of Okay

This funny yet important read was short and light hearted, perfect for the stress of my dissertation and exams. While panicking about striking lectures, impending deadlines and postponed courseworks all appearing at once I could at least comfort myself with Izzy’s humour and staple love of milkshakes.

8. Flawed


I read this dystopian on many a replacement bus, since I read it on the week the trains stopped running, and it will do nothing but remind me of large busses turning in small country villages.

9. The Bone Season


It was during the cold March snow that I read this action packed gem. I followed Paige through the dingy halls of Oxford colleges while I was freezing in my cold student house and wishing my stingy housemates would put the heating on. Luckily the university library always had my back.

10. Hero at the Fall

Because I adored the conclusion to the novels that ensured my love of reading during university. It may not have been perfect but it was good enough.

Let’s Compare Notes

So there you have it! Ten reads I loved in 2018. I can’t wait to see what magical books 2019 will present me with. Any 2019 releases you’re excited for? Or books you’re planning on reading? What was your favourite read of 2018? Feel free to drop an opinion or link to your post in the comments section!

25 thoughts on “Best Books I Read in 2018

  1. Happy new year!

    Oh, i haven’t read any of these!
    I think i have a copy of Bone Season tho 😀
    Caraval i’m planning to read this year. Fingers crossed!


  2. I’ve got Children of Blood and Bone and The Exact Opposite sitting on my bookshelves. I’m definitely going to bump them up my TBR after hearing such great things about them both.
    My Top Ten Best Books of 2018.


      1. Lol, yeah, I understand that. Honestly, there seemed to be tension between two certain characters, and I was surprised that they didn’t end up together.


  3. To Kill a Kingdom was on my list also! Why aren’t there more good mermaid/sirens book out there like this one?
    Also, I love how you reflected on not only these books, but where you read them. So fun!
    Happy New Year!


  4. I remember reading All Quiet on the Western Front back when I was in my teens and it was quite the eye-opening read. I’d never read anything from the German perspective of either world wars before and it really hit me. I’m amazed – in a good way! – to see it make a Best of 2018 list! 🙂


    1. It’s shocking! Definitely eye opening, I think a lot of young people would really like it, it’s nearly YA with how approachable it’s written. Yeah I haven’t read that perspective before and I think it’s a little forgotten really. Haha glad to amaze you 😂


  5. Great list! I think Children of Blood and Bone has the potential to be a new favourite novel for me so I need to cross it off my TBR asap – hopefully I can get to it soon and read it before the second book is released. 😀


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