January Wrap Up

How is the first month of 2019 over so quickly? Wasn’t it news years just yesterday?! Maybe that’s just me though… Anyway, on with the wrap up!

Books I Read

πŸ“š A Gathering of Shadows – what a cracking start to the year with a VE Schwab.

πŸ“š Legendary – because when I unwrapped it at Christmas we all knew it wasn’t going to stay unread very long.

πŸ“š Northanger Abbey – just finished this a few days before the month ended and it was brilliant 😍

The Best Posts I Wrote

✍️ 2019 Releases I’m Excited For – the list has probably grown considerably since I wrote it but I still really enjoyed looking at the great year of books ahead!

✍️ Best Books I Read in 2018 – then I had a little look back at the great books just read.

✍️ Legendary Review – all my opinions jotted down for this excellent novel that I was dying to read!

✍️ An Interview with Author Rick Lenz – my first author interview on my blog! Was very exciting to try interviewing someone!

Best Blog Posts I Read

🧦 A Review of the Wicked King – was great to see what this blogger thought of this novel, and so close to its release!

🧦 Saturday Spotlight: Enchantee – I am so excited for this novel and very pleased this blogger chose to feature it, although it has made my need to read it even more pressing!!

🧦 Sunshine Bloggers Award – not only was I very honoured to be tagged but this bloggers answers are great!

🧦 On The Come Up Review – I wish I could have the finesse this blogger shows in this review, and when can I read the book 😍

Things I Did

πŸ• New Year’s – pizza, board games and old friends? Oh yes the perfect way to welcome in 2019.

πŸ• A 6 mile walk and Pub Lunch – we all walked down the river to the next village over and had a pub lunch, which was amazing. My friend’s from London have taken to calling my house their country residence!

πŸ• Top Golf – I went to Top Golf with some mates, where you wack golf balls into rings and get points based on if you hit them. It’s sort of like a Wii game in real life!

πŸ• Watched jam lava spill over my boyfriend’s father – my boyfriend’s uncle bakes these amazing cakes and it was his four year old son’s birthday. He asked for a dinosaur volcano cake which meant jam lava sprayed out the top of the chocolate volcano and sadly covered a few party guests.

Let’s Compare Notes

How was January for you? Did you do anything exciting? Did you write a wrap up? Feel free to drop a link or opinion in the comments section!

9 thoughts on “January Wrap Up

    1. Oh yeah definitely! Thanks, I’ll check it out! Well done! That’s so difficult!! Wow you work really late- what do you do? Do you get paid more for working New Year’s? We actually missed midnight we were so busy with games so I wouldn’t worry too much about it πŸ˜‚


  1. I need to finish the Shades of Magic trilogy! πŸ“š

    Pizza is the perfect New Years food. Then again, I think it’s the perfect everything food, ha ha. πŸ•

    I hope February treats you well. πŸ‘βœ¨


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