10 Adorable Fictional Couples

Hello hello and happy Tuesday. It’s foggy here as I race through English countryside, desperately typing as my phone is on 2% (if this post is a little unrefined that’ll be why).

Anyway, hope you’ve had a good week, mines been busy since I walked to the next town over on the weekend with my boyfriend and brother which was tiring and have an assessment at work next week (which is very scary!). But nothing better than some fictional romance to take my mind of all that.

1. Annabeth and Percy

Because what says love more than falling into Tartarus together? This couple were probably my first ship, definitely the first ship I fangirled over, since my friend and I read and fangirled over Percy Jackson all through school!

2. Jace and Clary

I know the relationship gets really weird in the middle and there is a slight suggestion of incest, but luckily that all turns out to be a big misunderstanding. Welcome to the weirdness of City of Bones. Also, I remember finding Jace hilarious as a kid!

3. Lira and Elyian

I could have squealed when Elyian realises he’s immune to the sirens song at the end of To Kill a Kingdom. These two are so similar yet have such different backgrounds it’s great seeing how they develop so well together.

4. Lila and Kell

They each think the other has everything they’d want, but that doesn’t stop Lila plunging into certain death to save Kell in A Darker Shade of Magic.

5. Lizzie and Darcy

Yes I am a hopeless romantic and was so happy when Lizzie chose to ignore Lady Catherine’s warning and go on that garden walk with Darcy at the end of Pride and Prejudice. It’s a little cliché but who cares!

6. Art and Celestine

Ok I caveat this with knowing this relationship is slightly on the rocks by the end of the first book, in fact all the way through the first book, but I still really liked their relationship in Flawed! It was very honest and normal (which is hard to come by in YA- how many YA couples do you know who worry about university?)

7. Shahzad and Sam

Oh gosh. These two. I am trying to keep this spoiler free but let’s just say my favourite couple in the Rebel of the Sands series go through a lot.

8. Starr and Chris

I mean he risks tear gas just to understand her world. Throughout the entire novel these two remain so close, despite everything Starr goes through in The Hate U Give.

9. Henry and Catherine

Yep another Austen. This time it’s Northanger Abbey, my most recent read. Henry who reads the same novels as Catherine, doesn’t care about her class and even has some solid 200 year old banter. He’s just the perfect book boyfriend for any heroin.

10. Blue and Gansey

I just love Gansey tbh. Much like Jace he’s hilarious and very unique and I completely ship him with his polar opposite and slightly scary love in The Raven Cycle.

Lets Compare Notes

So there you have it! Ten characters I completely adore together! Do you ship any of them? Have any on your list? Feel free to leave a link or comment!

23 thoughts on “10 Adorable Fictional Couples

  1. Great list! I think what I love so much about Lizzy and Darcy’s relationship is how many other relationships they’ve inspired. Come to think of it their relationship, those people who annoy each other and think they don’t like each other when actually what they’re experiencing is sexual tension, is one of my favourite romantic tropes.


  2. GANSEY!!!!! every single time i see his precious name mentioned in any way, i need five minutes to stop crying over how adorable and perfect he is. AND BLUE LOVES HIM SO MUCHHHH.

    ((honestly tho I wish that Gansey + Adam’s friendship could be a bigger thing in the books, bc i cherish their friendship with my entire heart))


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