10 Niche Books most Bookworms won’t have Heard of

While trawling through my Goodreads for novels with less than 2000 ratings for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday I found it near impossible to find ten niche novels that I’d have read in the last year or so. Thanks to university stress I’ve had to cull my random reading, and only really take up novels based on suggestions or hype. As a kid I used to venture to my local library, grab anything off the shelf that seemed interesting and have read most of the novel by dinnertime. So here we have ten of those random reads, most from my younger years. How many have you heard of?

1. Indigo’s Dragon

I got this one from YALC a few years back and it really pains me to say I didn’t enjoy it, since the author was so lovely. It suffered from being way too short- the plot, settings and characters all needed fleshing out a lot more.

2. Blackbird

Another YALC novel, this time received in the form of a proof. I actually really enjoyed this novel- the protagonist was simple and relatable and the mystery that intercepted her life was dramatic and interesting.

3. The Otherlife

Oh gosh. This novel. It was terrible. The protagonist was so weird, his friend was even weirder and the whole thing made no sense.

4. Hazel

This historical fiction was a little bizarre. I read it when I was quite young but even then felt a little disappointed by the mundane angle the author took on such a pivotal piece of history, the plot being that Hazel is sent to her father’s slave plantation after destroying a wax figure of Shakespeare in the name of women getting the vote.

5. The Bombs that Brought us Together


I see this novel on the shelves of most libraries I go into- big, orange and hard back, which convinced me to try read it a while back. Clearly set for a young audience the books is simply written and the plot didn’t really captivate me.

6. Kezzie at War

I loved this book. Or at least the second half of it. Kezzie is left orphaned, with her grandfather and little sister depending on her, when her father dies in the mines in rural Scotland. Taking a job in a factory the plot first follows her struggle with money, but then shifts as the First World War breaks out and she becomes a make shift ambulance driver. I remember how powerful the novel was when I read it as a kid, reading about the war time spirit and the fear of Kezzies friends not coming back alive.

7. Cat Among the Pigeons

Slightly shy of 2000 ratings this novel just makes the cut. Did anyone read the Cat Royal books as a kid? I loved them. Set in London these novels follow orphan Cat who was raised in Dury Lane theatre and given a bizarre education on the cruel streets of London.

8. Flood Child

Another recommendation from my local library when I was a kid, and possibly my first step into dystopian. I had an interest in computers, even back then, so you can imagine how excited my pre-teen self was by this novel all about a valuable computer being only accessible by an impoverished sailor in her flooded world.

9. Mirror Dreams

If I could find someone else who has read this novel I will be so happy. Its niche but to me it was amazing, made even more impressive when I realised that, reading it at 13, I was a mere year younger than the author at the time she wrote it. It follows a mage come scientist in a mythical world made entirely of human dreams, dragged out of his retirement to fight a hostile takeover, dream style.

10. Child X


Another novel I loved that has very few ratings. A copy was left in the boarding house and I thought I’d give it a read one afternoon – and remember loving it. When her father walks out on the family, and under the watchful eyes of the media, the protagonist discovers she’s the love child of her mother and her uncle.

Let’s Compare Note

So there you have it! How many have you read, out of 10? Feel free to say none haha! Would love to check out your list or opinion in the comments section! I will be putting up my review for a far more popular read, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, on Thursday so stay tuned for that!

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