10 Holiday Destinations we’d all Want to Visit, if only they Existed

Hello hello and happy Tuesday! First post of the week and, as ever, it’s a Top Ten Tuesday promoted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Please enjoy this guidebook narrative of some fictional places I’d want to visit and the reasons I’d die horribly in them!

1. Narnia

From the Chronicles of Narnia
An untouched world full of medieval Knights, magic and trees. Potential threats include wopping great big lions, sinister witches and wolves. More danger is ensured if you take a boat trip with Prince Caspian. Weather is often magically manipulated so seasons are unpredictable.

2. Camp Half-blood

From Percy Jackson
This unusual holiday camp is essential for all demigods. Dress for sun and combat. Health and safety is somewhat laissez-faire so bring a first aid kit.

3. Hogwarts

From Harry Potter
Magical castle where students can learn the delights of levitating, potion making and dueling. Normally very safe but you may be called upon to defeat a dark wizard or two. It’s Scotland so be sure to bring a house scarf.

4. Red London

From A Darker Shade of Magic
Popular tourist destination with its ruby red river, cute markets and visiting pirate ships. Often under attack from other worlds and has a slight crime problem. Tourists from other Londons will not be well received and may struggle with border control.

5. Caravel

From Caravel
A popular yearly attraction that could be literally anywhere. Pack your most elaborate, bow covered dress and prepare for jetlag: the place only comes alive at night. Traders will often rip you off or take more than you bargained for.

6. The Night Circus

From The Night Circus
A beautiful Circus with unusual tents, delicious snacks and impossible displays. Has a slightly sinister undertone and is only open at nights. No preplanning required when visiting the circus because it arrives without warning.

7. Orïsha

From Children of Blood and Bone
Although this tropical paradise is currently under poor management it is an exotic island with a rich display of beauty. The biggest threats currently are the cruel dictator and the lionaires indigenous to this island. Dress for summer.

8. Prague

Ok, this one actually exists so I won’t do a mock guide book impression for you all. But, on an exciting note, I can actually go there! I might not have the money to visit, but hey, this might happen some day people! And of course it’s all because of the romantic descriptions of the old cathedral, pretty streets and cute cafés in Daughter of Smoke and Bone that has me desperate to go.

9. The Hundred Kingdoms

From To Kill a Kingdom
Not to be confused with other similar sounding fantasy destinations, this world offers tourists a plethora of unusual island towns, expanses of sea and gold crafted cities. It is advisable that tourists don’t travel by boat, however, due to the heart snatching siren problem.

10. Miraji

From Rebel of the Sands
Glorious sunshine, glistening sand and a wealth of magic makes this an exciting place to visit. The biggest threats are angry citizens, crazy dictators and slightly clueless rebels. Tourists are advised to bring a bucket and spade for entertainment.

Lets Compare Notes

So there you have this very silly post. My next post will be my scathing review of Alex and Eliza, coming to a device near you on Thursday! Meanwhile, feel free to drop a link to your own list or an opinion in the comments section!

38 thoughts on “10 Holiday Destinations we’d all Want to Visit, if only they Existed

  1. I forgot about Miraji. I loved Rebel of the Sands so much though and it would definitely be awesome to go there. The third book comes out in the next couple weeks though!


  2. Oooo I hadn’t thought of Red London… That one would be amazing to visit! I’ve been to Prague and it’s a great city!


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