My Spring TBR

Hello all! Another Tuesday, another Top Ten, this time all about the novels I’ll be reading this Spring!

1. Muse of Nightmares

My first book from a publisher!!! I’m on the blog tour for the paperback release of Muse and I just can’t wait to step back into Weep.

2. Rose Under Fire

I put this novel on hold since I got accepted for the blog tour of Muse and had to finish Strange the Dreamer pretty snappish. Hopefully I can get back to it since I left Rose in a terrible place 😬

3. Six of Crows

Bit slow to the party but with every other blogger seemingly loving this series I am going to try read it!

4. Madame Bovary

Part of my Gilmore Girls Challenge! I don’t have a clue how I’ll get hold of it given its not on the library system but might as well put it down anyway.

5. Moby Dick

Another part of the same challenge! I have managed to get a copy of this at the library, I’m just waiting for it to be returned since someone else has it out currently.

6. A Conjuring of Light

I am so desperate to start this novel. After the ending of A Gathering of Shadows 😲

7. Perfect

I know, I know. Literally been on my tbr for so long now. Maybe Spring will be the season I wrap up this dystopian? And actually publish the review for Flawed I’ve got in drafts while I’m at it.

8. The Cruel Prince

Am I the only book blogger ever to have not read this?! Everyone is raving about it so I felt I should make a stab at it.

9. Asking for It

One of the few novels I haven’t read that I own! Hopefully I can finish it this season?

10. Crown of Midnight

Second in the Throne of Glass series and on my tbr for ages. Maybe this quarter 🤔😝

Let’s Compare Notes

So there you have it! My tbr! Have you read any of these? Have any on your list? Feel free to share a list or opinion in the comments! I’ll have another list post up soon, not on a Tuesday (😲) all about how I did on my winter tbr! Stay tuned to see what I read and what I forgot all about 😬

41 thoughts on “My Spring TBR

  1. Great list! I’ve heard really good things about Asking For It, so I look forward to your thoughts on it. 🙂 I’m waiting for the paperback release of Muse of Nightmares, too – can’t wait to read it! Six of Crows is one of my favourite books and I enjoyed The Cruel Prince a lot more than I thought I would, so I hope you enjoy them. Happy reading!


  2. I’ve actually only read half of your list this week-unusual for me! A Conjuring of Light is brilliant and I need you to read it so that I can have someone flail with because I have been sitting here alone with many feelings for two years now! I read Rose Under Fire last year and it’s a great book but stock up on the tissues, it was really sad. Six of Crows is great, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. Asking For It is really good, but very anger inducing, & Crown of Midnight is definitely better than Throne of Glass, I think you’ll like it more. I haven’t read any of the others, but glad to see that you liked Strange The Dreamer.


    1. I will do all the flailing, I love that series. Yeah I read half of it before putting it in hold (oops) and it was very sad. ooh I can’t wait to read them both, I have heard good things. Hopefully, I was very disappointed in Throne of Glass so I’m setting my expectations a bit lower this time, since it really was overhyped. Oh please read Strange the Dreamer it’s so good and I want to fangirl!!


      1. YES, I am very excited for all the flailing. Oh I’ve done that before, put a book on hold to come back to later, it happens. Yeah, nearly everyone whose read it (including me) likes the second book better, so you should be fine. I will, I’ll have read it by the time we go to YALC, so we can do all the fangirling then.


  3. Hope you love The Cruel Prince. I think it starts out slow but it does get better. I need to read Bardugo’s series but own most of them so at least I’ve started that. Good luck with Moby Dick. I read And the Sky Was Our Ocean earlier this year by Patrick Ness and it was sort of a reimagining of Moby Dick. I enjoyed it.


  4. Oooh, these are great books! I loved Muse of Nightmares, Crown of Midnight, and The Cruel Prince! I just started Six of Crows today on audiobook. I hope you love them all!


  5. I’ve read three of the books on here — Six of Crows, The Cruel Prince and A Conjuring of Light! Six of Crows is so good it’s one of my favourites 😍 The Cruel Prince was not bad in my opinion but it’s sequel is so good I hope you’ll like the first one!


  6. I LOVE Six of Crows. I highly recommend it. We’ll have to talk favorite characters when you’ve gotten through it. 👍 Also, pro tip for Moby Dick – several chapters are literally just descriptions of different kinds of whales. I’m a “read every word!” kind of person, but even I saw feel free to skim those parts. It doesn’t happen often, there’s a good reason they’re there, and it’s a good book, but don’t let those sections slow you down.


  7. muse of nightmares is on my tbr every month but i somehow never get around to it. but the cruel prince was one of my favorite books when i read it–i think i’ve changed my opinion on it a little since then, but it’s still a very fun time! six of crows is one of my absolute, if not my absolute, favorite book of all time I LOVE IT SO MUCH and i hope you do too ! (though i hope i’m not hyping it up for you too much along with everyone else hehehe)


      1. I read the cruel prince when I wasn’t really keeping up with the book community, and then I came back and so many people were calling it out on problematic things so… but I really hope you still enjoy it despite that!


      2. The love interest’s behavior is pretty trashy—he bullies the main character and basically says he just did that because he had a crush on her. I think there are other things too, but those are the main ones I’ve heard! But I really don’t wish to taint your reading experience because I think the cruel prince is still a really fun read and imo problematic stuff can still be enjoyed if they’re acknowledged :,)


  8. Great list! I too am planning to read Muse of Nightmare in the coming months, it feels like forever that I read Strange the Dreamer!!


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