How Many of these 30 Words do you Know?

Hello hello. I’m back, with quite an unsual post today- it’s all about the makings of books: words. I’ve been jotting down all the words I don’t understand from novels in the hope of someday understanding them and have decided that, for at least a few of these words, that day has come! So here is a small subset of my list of words that I’ve picked up:

  1. Sumptuous- Expensive looking
  2. Illusory- Based on an illusion
  3. Colonnade- Row of evenly spaced columns
  4. Epiphytes- A plant that grows on other plants but is not a parasite
  5. Kinesis- Motion
  6. Brocades– A rich woven fabric
  7. Carapace- The shell of a tortoise
  8. Iridescent- Luminous colours
  9. Indomitable- Impossible to defeat
  10. Balustrade- Railing supported by balusters
  11. Insipid– Lacking flavour
  12. Gaudy- Something someone gets to look expensive, but isn’t
  13. Auger- A tool for boring holes in wood
  14. Oculus- Round, eye like opening (e.g. circular window)
  15. Fresco- Wall painting found in Rome done while the plaster was still wet (derives from ‘fresh’)
  16. Drove- Animal herd being driven by something
  17. Ululated- Howl or wail expressed as a sign of grief
  18. Credulity- Believing something is real or true too quickly
  19. Sloughing- Shed or remove a layer of dead skin
  20. Affront- An action or remark that causes offense
  21. Palpable– Feeling so intense it feels almost real
  22. Chafe– Rash from rubbing
  23. Animus– Hostility
  24. Cloistered- Kept away from the outside world
  25. Entablature– The upper part of a classic building, supported by columns
  26. Paramours– A lover, often a married person
  27. Anathema– Something or someone that is vigorously disliked
  28. Rictus– A fixed grin
  29. Siphoned– a tool that changes the path of a liquid
  30. Fervent– Displaying an intense passion

Let’s Compare Notes

So there you have it! 30 new words, for me anyway (although my historian boyfriend knew quite a few!). How many, out of 30, did you know? Did you learn anything? Let me know in the comments!

18 thoughts on “How Many of these 30 Words do you Know?

  1. I knew them all, but I’m 50 something so that helps. Ha ha. I did learn something! I have only seen and used “insipid” to mean uninteresting, boring, or vapid; never applying it to food or drink. Now I can call McDonald’s coffee, insipid! β˜•

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  2. Oh, this sounds like an interesting, unique post! Good job! Out of these words, I knew only 6 haha and there were 3 that I’ve seen before but didn’t know what they meant, but now I do πŸ™‚


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