10 Things All Books Need

Happy Tuesday! Which means another Top Ten Tuesday, this week all about ten things that make me pick up a book.

1. Hype

I suffer from the very human trait of not wanting to be left out, so if a book is being discussed by bloggers everywhere I’ll give it a read.

2. Recommendations

Recommendations are a big way to grow my tbr. I have one friend, Jo, who is yet to recommend me a bad book. If she loved it I probably will too.

3. The Author

If I loved something else by that author usually I’ll pick up their next book.

4. Female Computer Scientists

Literally the only reason I’m waiting for When Dimple Met Rishi to come available at the library. If it’s got a female in STEM in it I’ll probably lap it up.

5. Dragons

Hello, yes, I’m here for all the dragons.

6. Humour

If your book is full of quick quips and a comical narrative I’ll be all over it.

7. Banterous Friendships

I love a bit of self degrading banter between friends (subtly different from humour since it’s usually more sparingly used).

8. Pirates

Yessss. Give me all the boats and pirates and exploration full of adventure and scary sea things.

9. A Pretty Cover

Ok, I’m sorry, I’m vain. I love pretty books for my Bookstagram. I’m 100% more likely to buy your book if I can take pretty, colourful photos.

10. Diverse Characters

Although it’s great to see myself in a character, I don’t want to see myself in every novel I read and definitely don’t want to see myself in every character in that novel. I’ve already got the white, straight girl perspective right here, ready for something new! Good rep is very important to me as a reader.

Let’s Compare Notes

So there you have it! Ten things that definitely will out your book on my radar (wink wink nudge nudge authors). What’s something you love seeing in books? Do you have a list? Do you agree with anything on my list? I would love it if you drop a link or opinion in the comments!

42 thoughts on “10 Things All Books Need

  1. Great list! You’re not alone, I love a pretty cover too. Also yes to books about women in STEM!


  2. Ha ha this puts a lot of pressure on me, one day there might be a book I recommend you that you don’t love! I love pretty much all of these as well, I can’t say that I look for women in STEM the same way that you do, but I have liked the books I’ve read with STEM women in them. I obviously love humour and banterous friendships, they are my faves and will always pick up new books by authors I’ve previously loved. I actually need to read more books with dragons in them, because much as I say I love them, I think I can count on the fingers of one hand the books I’ve read that have them. I also love pirates and am a sucker for a pretty cover. I’ve started trying to consciously find more diverse books since blogging and I’ve definitely read some really great ones. I have kind of a love/hate relationship with hype, I will pick up more books because of it but they are more likely to disappoint me. I also rely on friends/other bloggers’ recommendations and have found some great books that way.


    1. Speaking of women in STEM have you heard of To Best The Boys? It’s got a female main character who’s into science & is based around people competing for a scholarship for Uni. I’ve heard pretty good stuff about it so far.


    2. I am fairly sure that won’t happen given your track record πŸ˜‚ also I read reviews to cross reference 😜 haha fair! I think it’s more of the authors fault, they need to write more books with dragons in them πŸ˜‚ although Priory looks like it’ll have a good splattering. Yeah me too actually, I think I’ve only really realised how important it is since becoming a blogger, I didn’t really think about diversity in books before. I do get what you mean about hype, I have been disappointed, but I also like being able to complain about hyped books πŸ˜‚


      1. Ha ha good, I’m glad you don’t just take my word for it. They really do-yes, I think it will, I just haven’t got around to reading it yet, it’s so huge and I’m still working through Kingdom of Ash (I say that, I haven’t actually picked it up since February). Yeah me either, it just wasn’t something I really had to think about, but I definitely should have been. Ha ha that is true, complaining about hyped books disappointing you is fun.


      2. I mean fair. I KNOW, I’M FRUSTRATED, I need to finish because it’s the last book in the series but it’s SOOOOOO LONG. Oh I love a negative review, they’re so much fun to write.


  3. I agree so much with the not wanting to be left out part. Whenever a book is always being talked about and I know what’s being talked about, I feel so accomplished. That’s why I REALLY need to catch up on the shadowhunter chronicles soon.


  4. You just convinced me to buy When Dimple Met Rishi with your female computer scientist comment there. I’m meeting Sandhya Menon next Saturday, and I kinda wanted to read one of her books before then (she’s speaking at the Colorado Teen Literature Conference I’m going to). Now I need to get that book and read it so she can sign it.


  5. I see none of us book lovers can escape the hype, huh? And oh man! Dragons 😍 Also, when I saw β€œpirates” on your list, it reminded me that I forgot to write down β€œadventures” as one of the items on my TTT list! Gotta fix that! πŸ™‚


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