Novels for the Stressed Out Bookworm

Yesterday was a mixed evening. I ticked the bucket list item of having drinks with friends in a bookshop only to then watch Notre Dame burn on the way home. I wrote it into my story just yesterday, reminiscing that trip to Paris my boyfriend and I took three years ago. The Cathedral always enchanted me, my GCSE art project was born from my excitement at seeing that building, when I went over with my brother and dad at only 16. So yup, yesterday’s train ride home was very sad.

But, in further depressing news, let’s talk exams. With dissertations due, exams right around the corner and sixth formers leaving school for the last time, academia is tough this time of year. And the last thing many of us are thinking about is books. So here are some short, easy to read novels for the stressed out bookworm.

1. Finding Cassie Crazy

Written in the form of notes, this MG was a favourite of mine during my exams to get into secondary school. It’s a light hearted, easy read.

2. Holes

I don’t know if this is for younger readers or if I just read it as a kid, but the short chapters, silly storyline and humourous narrative make it the perfect light relief during exams.

3. To Kill a Kingdom

Short, exciting and full of banter. Also it’s a standalone, and the last thing you need during exams is a cliff hanger.

4. Ace of Shades

Also quite short and easy to read, full of card tricks and sinister big-wigs.

5. Caravel

What better way to forget exams than stepping into Caravel, that mystical game full of magic and slightly sinister deals.

6. The Exact Opposite of Ok

One of the few books I read while doing my dissertation. Izzy’s light hearted nature, banterous friendships and references to food will definitely keep you same while tapping out those 10,000 words.

7. Anything Rick Riordan

Because all his novels are light hearted, funny and shouldn’t be taken to seriously.

8. Skulduggery Pleasant

How can you feel stressed while reading about a talking, magic wielding skeleton in a very expensive suit?

9. Maximum Ride

A total relief during my GCSEs, Max’s snark, sarcasm and wit will have your sides splitting in no time.

10. Rebel of the Sands

Short, captivating and immersive. Sometimes you just need to root for magical dessert people as they fight a tyrant.

Let’s Compare Notes

So there you have it! A list of novels for the Stressed Out Bookworm. Any you would add? Any lists of rainy day reads you’d like to share? Feel free to drop a link or opinion in the comments section!

20 thoughts on “Novels for the Stressed Out Bookworm

  1. I was so shocked and sad when I heard about the Notre Dame today. Made me sad that I didn’t have a chance to see it yet… On a more positive note, love your book choices! I really enjoyed Caraval (can’t wait for Finale!), Ace of Shades and To Kill A Kingdom πŸ™‚


  2. I loved To Kill A Kingdom! Any book that transports me to another world is great when I’ve got stress and anxiety!


  3. I think that’s a fair interpretation of Rainy Day, taking the time to destress from your daily life!!
    I’ve not read a few on your list but will certainly check them out!!


  4. Ah you were right, we did have a lot of the same books this week! There are a couple of these that I haven’t read, Finding Cassie Crazy, Holes and Maximum Ride, but all the others are books that I have read and loved.


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