My Predictions for Finale

Unusual post! On May 9th the final book in the Caravel series is coming out, and I can’t wait! But as a little game I thought I’d write down some of my Predictions for this dramatic end of the series.

Note: this post WILL contain spoilers for Caravel and Legendary, read at your own peril.

🃏 The fates will get Trapped Back in the cards

Yep, easy one at first, I think they’ll manage to put the fates back in the cards. They might destroy them once and for all, but I think putting them back in the cards would be more fun.

🌹Scarlett will Loose Julian for Cheating on him

The whole ‘I like you but want to check I got the best guy possible’ attitude that some girls have is just terrible. Either you like the person you’re with or you don’t, no one else should come into it at all.

✨ Scarlett and Julian will end up Together

Yeah, they will be together in the end. He’ll forgive her and she’ll realise she loved him all along.

🎩 Dante and Jack will Fight over Tella

Anyone else felt a love triangle coming on at the end there? And Dante and Jack strike me as the old fashioned duel for the girl type.

♥️ Tella will end up Single

More a hope than a prediction, but I really hope Tella doesn’t get with either guy after how they’ve treated her. If she ends up with any of them I hope it’s Legend.

👑 Their Mother becomes Queen

The ‘their’ here refers to Scarlett and Tella. I mean, who better to be queen than a close personal friend to the ex queen. And as an ex criminal she could really cut down on the crime in the city.

🎪 Nigel takes Over Caravel

I know, I know, it is heavily implied in the blurb that Caravel will cease to exist. But maybe they could change it up a little? Make it into a humble carnival? Seems a shame to loose such a fun game, and think about all those unemployed actors! Who better to run it than its oldest player?

♣️ Legend will also get Trapped in a Card

Yeah, he’s too fragile and powerful to let roam free. He’ll fall into a card, possibly an ace or something, and spend the rest of his days as paper.

Lets Compare Notes

There you have it! My Finale predictions! Do you have any predictions? Agree with me on mine? Would love to hear your opinions in the comments!

5 thoughts on “My Predictions for Finale

  1. Ooh good predictions! I think you’re definitely right on the Fates front, that they’ll be trapped in the cards, and that Scarlett and Julian will end up together (although I’m not sure she deserves to, it’s a pretty awful move, making your ex-fiance and new boyfriend fight it out). It was definitely setting up for a love triangle between Dante and Jacks but though I wish Tella would end up single, I reckon she’ll probably end up with Dante. I hope Caraval still exists, maybe in a less dangerous form, it seems a shame to lose it entirely. I don’t know what will happen with Legend, but getting trapped in a card does seem poetic. As for their mother becoming Queen, that does seem to be where things are headed, but I’m sure it won’t be all that simple.


    1. Yep, I don’t think she be playing them, but you would be surprised by how many actual girls in real life do this! They take a break to go look at other options 😬 I’ve been told I don’t look around enough 😳 yeah I sadly think she will too, but she’s doesn’t need to be in a relationship 😭 I feel Legend needs to loose the massive, corrupting power so a card would suit him 😂 nothing in Caravel is ever that simple 😂


      1. I probably would be, none of my friends are exactly the playing boys against each other type! Really? No she really doesn’t. Yes he does and a card would be a nice solution, but like you said, nothing in Caraval is that simple.


  2. I agree with all of these! I think you’re right on the dot with Scar and Julian! I loved them in Caraval but Legendary they lost my attention and love.
    I LOVED the Dante/Tella relationship honestly, their imperfections turning out to fit together, but the ending of Legendary WAS a huge backstab. But if they end up together and work it out I’d be into it!
    BUT I read a theory that maybe Scar may be Jack’s soul mate! They predicted that in Legendary, when he gets out of the sky carriage with Scar and Tella asked what they were doing, he joked they were making out, and then she realized his heart was beating! So maybe it wasn’t a joke. Or maybe she had to kiss him in exchange for a deal of some sort. I don’t think it’s Tella, cause she WAS dying during Legendary it seemed. But I’m a sucker for soulmates so I’d be SUPER interested in seeing that play out, good or bad!


    1. Thanks! Yeah they lost my love a little in Legendary too, they were given too little page time really for the development that took place. I do sort of love them together, but would just like it if Tella was single 😂 I thought Scar was Jack’s soul mate at first, while reading Legendary, but I thought it’s been said Tella is? After the kiss, because otherwise Tella would have died. I thought after the sky carriage thing that might have happened too! Oh yeah, I’m excited to see which sister it is now 😂 I thought it was just Tella 😂 ah can’t wait to read Finale 😍

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