30 Words You Didn’t Know you Knew

Some of you veteran readers may remember that I did a post a while back containing 30 words I’d learnt from books. And now I’ve read more books, found more words, and I’m challenging you all again: how many of these 30 new words do you know? Scores in the comments section please!

  1. Chelicerae – Spider pincers… Grim
  2. Sphincter – muscles that guard the stomach or the um… anus…
  3. Panache – a confident manor. Think Jace Wayland.
  4. Palpable – a feeling so intense it’s almost physical
  5. Denuding – strip of coverings or possessions.
  6. Portended – warning of a big event likely to happen ⚠️
  7. Inured – accustom to something unpleasant. Those with siblings will understand 😝
  8. Mullioned – a vertical element that divides windows. I never said these words would be useful
  9. Diaphanous – light, delicate fabric
  10. Chimerical – a mythical animal formed of parts of other animals, like a hypogriff.
  11. Surfeit – a large amount something, the amount of food I’ll eat when it’s free
  12. Maraud – searching for things to steal or attack, and everyone’s favourite map of Hogwarts!
  13. Caroming – strike and rebound. Can you tell I mostly read fantasy?
  14. Amphion – a musician who builds the walls of Thebes in Greek Mythology with his lyre. What a talented guy.
  15. Euphoria – a feeling of intense excitement, like I get everytime I see a Bookshop.
  16. Siphoned – drawing water to flow a certain way.
  17. Countervail – counter something with an equal force. βš–οΈ
  18. Cadence – an inflection of the voice 🎢
  19. Poignancy – invoking sadness or regret, that feeling you get when you eat too many Easter eggs
  20. Incongruous – not keeping with the surroundings
  21. Cerulean – deep sky blue 🌁
  22. Evanesce – pass out of memory
  23. Allay – put fear or suspicion at rest
  24. Poltroon – an utter coward. Aka me.
  25. Stupefaction – the state of being stupefied. If you don’t know what that means it’s explained visually in the first Harry Potter film.
  26. Samovar – a highly decorated tea urn used in Russia. Not quite sure which book this came fromπŸ€”
  27. Opulent – pretentiously costly, like Dominoes pizza
  28. Esoteric – something intended for a small group of people with specialist knowledge. Had a few university classes that match that definition…
  29. Coquetry – flirtatious behaviour
  30. Lacquer – an alcohol based liquid that makes a great varnish

16 thoughts on “30 Words You Didn’t Know you Knew

  1. Love it!
    I didn’t realize until recently that i can “collect” words on my kindle. Chances are, i never get to use most of them, but when i can drop some in a convo, it’s super satisfying πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yup πŸ™‚
        In the Vocabulary Builder menu you have the words you looked up on kindle while reading, appearing like a list.
        When you tap on them, the dictionary pops up. And once you click “mastered” it will disappear.
        It also marks from what book you collected it from.


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