Spring TBR The Results

In the dim and distant past, back before we hit the 38 degree heat wave and the grass wasn’t slowly yellowing in the bright summer light, there was spring. And in spring I made a list of books I planned to read over those fresh, lambing, flower growing months, but never actually checked back in to see how many I managed to read. So here we have, for this Top Ten Tuesday freebie: Spring TBR The Results.

Also, slight aside, on the 12th of August I’m going to be sending this pretty load of samplers out to one of my Twitter/Instagram followers. So follow me on either of those for one entry and follow me on both for two!

Muse of Nightmares


1 I got a very pretty hardback from the publisher, with stained pages a the gorgeous orange dust cover, the gold little moth on the front. And then I got the equally pretty, gold embossed and still orange paperback, because I was actually on the paperback tour for this one. And finished it pretty early on.

Rose Under Fire


2 I read it, loved still haven’t reviewed it… Oops.

Six of Crows

3 I had every intention to read this one. I really did. Then I found it was like fourth in a series and it all got very complicated and really I just gave up. But fear not, dear reader, I’ve just got the Grisha trilogy so there is yet hope for this one.

Madame Bovary

4 I looked in the library and couldn’t find this one but then was lucky enough to spot a copy in the bookshop. But of course then I saw a copy of The Night Circus I hadn’t seen before which just led me to the YA section and I ended up having a fun little browse, before realising my lunch break had ended about ten minutes and then I sprinted back to work and, well, long story short, I haven’t thought of it since. Woops.

Moby Dick

5 I tried it but my gosh do I not care about whaling enough to read that book.

A Conjuring of Light


6 Can I have the Shades of Magic sequel now please 😭


7 I don’t think I event put this one on my summer tbr, I’ve sort of given up on it 😳

The Cruel Prince

8 My friend Hannah has endorsed this as basically the best thing she’s ever read which makes me want to read it even more… and no I’m not talking about myself in third person to pretend I have more friends, she genuinely has the same name as me.

Asking for It


9 This novel is so important. The points it makes about victim blaming make it a must read for everyone.

Crown of Midnight

X Going to give it a star rating because I got over halfway before getting a little tired of Calena. Can’t even remember what happened now…

Let’s Compare Notes

So there you have it! My tbr results! Have you read any of these? Do you have any recommendations of your own? What topic did you choose for this week’s freebie? Love to hear from you in the comments section!

8 thoughts on “Spring TBR The Results

  1. I love what you did with this post – we did something similar over at our blog, but I genuinely think you executed it better haha. I read Six of Crows before the Grisha trilogy, so I fully think you can go ahead with either of them, whichever you’re in the mood for, I guess. (Although I do get the desire to read series in order.) I’ve owned Madame Bovary for years… and still haven’t read it, I’m generally awful at getting to classics because of all the shiny new releases. *sighs* Either way, I loved reading your post! 🙂

    My TTT


    1. Aw thanks! I’m sure you’re post is amazing but feel free to steal the format or whatever 😂 I have heard that and I’ve also heard Six of Crows is better but just got the Grisha trilogy and am going in order 😁 oh me too! And they take me a lot longer to read them ya. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You did pretty great I’d say! I did the same thing in reading the Grisha trilogy before the Six of Crows duology but looking back I think I could’ve done without reading the original trilogy since they are only connected in so many ways. The trilogy was fun but I wasn’t as keen on it like I was with Six of Crows. ANYWAYS, I hope you enjoy if you ever go forth and read anything in that world!


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