Book Covers I Insta Way too Much

Anyone else have shelves stacked high with books but reach for the same worn pretty covers every time they Bookstagram? Those novels that just really pop under your DSLR? Until my friend said I photo the exact same books over and over my Instagram definitely had a trend, as the same glossy covers popped up under new lighting, with new shades or in a different arrangement.

Although my Instagram is slightly more varied now as I try add variety there are a few staples that I just can’t help snapping. Not quite on topic for Top Ten Tuesday, but still vaguely in the cover ball park, here are ten book covers I Insta way too much.


1 That gorgeous Circus tent, starry black background and shinny front embossing made this cover all too common on my Instagram.

A Darker Shade of Magic

2 Love the books, love the covers, love the author. Basically the perfect series.

Rebel of the Sands

3 The first novel I ever Instagrammed. This whole series has been a firm favourite of mine for a while and the swirling blues, pinks and reds that adorn this trilogies covers make it such low hanging fruit for Bookstagram.


4 I don’t even own the book. My friend lent me her very pretty red and white cover and I just went a bit snap crazy.

The Sun is also a Star

5 How pretty is this cover?! And so colourful.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Play script

6 I own other Harry Potters but this one is just so gorgeous. I haven’t even read the thing but the glossy hardback I got when I went to it’s release a few years back is always cropping up on my feed.

Children of Blood and Bone

7 I got this book for YALC last year and have snapped it’s white and black cover regularly since. If you can’t spot it’s black and red spine with the silver cursive writing on my feed a few scrolls back then you’re not looking hard enough.


8 I may have not been a massive fan of the book but I can appreciate a good cover when I see one. The cloudy white paperback with black etched tower in the corner and swirly old fashioned

To Kill a Kingdom

9 Fun fact, my copy of To Kill a Kingdom will happily stay open without me having to crease the spine or way it down. So every-time you see a book open on my Bookstagram it’s actually To Kill a Kingdom.

Strange the Dreamer

X Another book I don’t even own! I borrowed a signed copy at the library and basically clung onto it until I couldn’t renew it anymore because it was so pretty 😍 also I couldn’t get that annoying shiny dust cover off πŸ™„

Let’s Compare Notes

Do you have a Bookstagram? What covers do you love and do you frequently photo the same ones? Have a Top Ten Tuesday list of your own? Feel free to drop a link to your ttt list, opinion or a link to your Bookstagram/Insta handle in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Book Covers I Insta Way too Much

  1. I love this take on the theme!!!! Here is my post-


  2. I insta very intermittently because I get so self conscious about photographing the same books πŸ™‚ But you’re right – some just look so GOOD! Caraval is a classic, but I love the almost woodcut artwork for Uprooted…


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