August Wrap Up

It’s the end of the month and that means it’s wrap up season. Time to say goodbye to the confusion of damp rain, scorching sun and everything in between that was August. Would love to hear your favourite read or activity of the month in the comments section!

Also if you think you’ve seen this post before, WordPress did some weird republishing thing, please ignore it.

What I Read

πŸ“š When Dimple Met Rishi – I’ve wanted to read this ever since my friend told me the main character was a coder, but this ensured nothing but disappointment. Review coming soon.

πŸ“š Into the Crooked Place – oh gosh, this novel, it was amazing. Possibly my favourite read of the year.

πŸ“š Finale – ok, I take it back, maybe this was my favourite read of the year?!

What I Wrote

πŸ§€ 10 Realities Library Goers will Know All Too Well – this post was too fun to write, I had to include it here.

πŸ§€ Review?

πŸ§€ Problematic Tropes – I wrote all about the YA tropes that really shouldn’t be glorified so much in front of young people.


Things I Read Online

🍊 Humongous Books and Do You Read Them – Shaz just effectively summed up all my big book feels in one neat post.

🍊 Why is Harry Potter so Successful – the question we’ve all been wondering, this is a very well written answer!

🍊 2019 What I’ve Read So Far – we had a nice little chat on Twitter about how awesome VE Schwab and her books are, plus there’s some great recommendations here ☺️


What I Did

β˜” Ran a Coding Summer Camp – I mentored a team at a coding summer camp and I can confirm kids are scary.

β˜” Went Camping – it’s summer and my friend has this massive tent. It easily fit seven of us, snuggled in surrounded by wild ponies in the New Forest after a tasty summer BBQ

β˜” Picnic – ah yes, another picnic. Would it be a summer month if I didn’t meet up with some friends and go Picnicking

β˜” Practiced table tennis – they plopped a free table tennis kit slap bang in the centre of London so my friend and I are failing to play everytime we have Chinese (and one Greek meal because we brought a friend who didn’t like Chinese along)

One thought on “August Wrap Up

  1. Well, my new life goal is definitely to camp with wild ponies in the New Forest – sounds so dreamy! πŸ™‚


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