My Fall TBR

I know, orange leaves are nice and rain is atmospheric but can I just say summer is better?! Because milkshakes, BBQs and summer road trips are just the best. But here we are, in the season of crispy mornings and dark nights, and that means it’s time to plan my tbr for the coming months.

🍁 Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

1 Not only am I super excited to try this novel but I have a very pretty cyan spined hardback on my shelf, just waiting to be cracked open. And yes I like to crack my books’ spines 😁

☔ Stalking Jack the Ripper

2 Shamelessly stealing this idea from my friend Jo, who is currently reading this hyped novel, but it’s a spooky book and the season of the spook is fast upon us!

🍁 Normal People

3 I need to reorder this at the library again, because I doubt they’re still holding onto it. But then I will finish it, I promise.

☔ Shadow and Bone

4 I just feel like fall is the season I finally read one of her books?

🍁 Fangirl

5 University is starting up in October, not that I’m going now I’ve graduated, but I still think this book is semi topical currently.

☔ Vengeful

6 After finishing Vicious I’m in desperate need of its sequel. I just love Sidney, Victor and Mich! especially Mich, the thug come computer scientist.

🍁 Fawkes

7 Ok I have an excellent idea. And I genuinely didn’t steal this one. This book is about the gunpowder plot, with a dash of magic thrown in there. How on brand would it be to read it for the fifth of November?! If planning seasonal tbrs was a job then I would be up for promotion here.

☔ Enchantee

8 On the historical magic theme we’ve sort of got going on here let’s try magic meets the French Revolution!

🍁 Orphan Monster Spy

9 Less magic, more history and a tad of dust from sitting on my shelf for too long.

☔ The Raven Cycle

X I’m trying to reread this series before Call Down the Hawk comes out in November. So far I’ve polished off The Raven Boys, am halfway through The Dream Thieves and just need to finish Blue Lily, Lily Blue and The Raven King. So yeah, no pressure or anything.

Let’s Compare Notes

There you have it! The ten books I may read this fall, depending. Have you read any? Got a fall tbr yourself? Are any of these books on tour tbr too? Leave a link or comment below!

32 thoughts on “My Fall TBR

  1. Shadow and Bone is great and I’ve still got to get to The Raven Cycle too! I definitely want to read Vengeful soon – LOVED Vicious! Happy reading!


  2. Still haven’t read Shadow and Bone either, so I hope you are more successful in reading this series than I am. 😅 “Fawkes” sounds really interesting and that reminds me that I definitely have to re-watch V for Vendetta again. Maybe I even make it for November 5th but I doubt it. 😅


    1. I’m a tad worried it’s going to be overhyped tbh because everyone seems to have loved it 😳 Fawkes is by the author of Romanov if you’ve read that! They both sound amazing tbh but Fawkes seemed appropriate for the season! Ooh what’s V for Vendetta? Sounds good! You never know!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, you don’t know it? It’s this 2005 movie with Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving. It’s rather brutal and kinda 1984ish but it’s really good. It is all about revenge and madness but also love and fear and assassinations and has a great soundtrack. I usually watch it around this time of year.


  3. It’s SO the right moment to read Stalking Jack the Ripper and its sequels! When it comes to atmosphere, Hunting Prince Dracula is definitely even better to read during this time of year so.. just saying, haha. 😀 Enjoy!


  4. Normal People is also on my fall TBR! My book club chose it and I can’t wait to read and discuss it with them.

    Ahhh, I really like how you really stuck with the fall/seasonal theme–it makes me crave a chilly night with hot cider and donuts sooo badly! And omg your fall tbr graphic is so cute! Also Fangirl and Shadow & Bone are both amazing books and I really hope you enjoy them 🙂

    Here’s my Fall TBR post if ya wanna check it out:


  5. I can lend you both Stalking Jack The Ripper and Vengeful if you want, I definitely need you to read Vengeful so I can have someone to fangirl with! I’ve actually read pretty much all of these, except Normal People and Fangirl. I loved Gentleman’s Guide, Enchantee and Fawkes, they were all such great book. Shadow and Bone is decent, but I think the other two books in the trilogy are better. Orphan Monster Spy is pretty good as well.There’s no way I would finish The Raven Cycle before Call Down The Hawk comes out, but you seem like you’ve got a pretty good chance of doing it.


    1. Ah you’re the best! I really want to read them both 😍 I have heard good things about Normal People, I’m very excited to try it! I’m reading Gentleman’s Guide atm and it’s good, I’m finding the plot a bit far fetched and that’s drawing me out of the story a bit. Also I feel it detracts from the serious conversations and makes the whole thing feel unrealistic which obviously the serious themes it covers aren’t. I’m so excited to read Fawkes and Enchantee! Yeah I have heard that from other bloggers too. I don’t know I’m quite behind and only have a month to finish 2 and a half books 😳😂


      1. No problem! I can definitely see that, you do have to suspend your disbelief for certain aspects of the plot. Ah I’m so excited to fangirl about them with you. Yeah I think it seems to be the general consensus of the series. I mean if you don’t manage it, you can always look up recaps for the other two books online before Call Down The Hawk comes out!


  6. I listened to Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue the other month! I didn’t love-love the story because I found the plot a bit predictable, but I’d recommend the audiobook if you ever listen to them – this one was read by the guy who plays Tom Marvolo Riddle in Harry Potter and he had mastered the upper class English voice.


    1. Oh gosh this sounds like such a good book to listen to! I actually have a physical copy that I’m currently reading. I’m not a massive fan of the plot either tbh, not because it’s predictable but because it feels very unrealistic and it’s taking me out of the story a bit? Also I feel it clashes serious subject matter with slightly ridiculous plot which I think detracts from the serious subject matter


  7. Happy reading!!! I definitely enjoyed The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. Prepare to meet Percy and Newton… they’re the most precious boys. I have mixed feelings with Enchantée but it’s worth to try! The book is so magical. I haven’t made my Fall TBR yet but I recently just finished Stalking Jack the Ripper, I’ll drop my review if you’re interested to check it!


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