30 More Words I Learnt from Books

Time for another exciting words post! Here are 30 words I’ve read recently and not understood, with their accompanying meanings. How many, out of 30, had you known?

  1. Occultist – Someone who believes in magic. Given I mostly read fantasy I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to come across this word.
  2. Pejorative – Expression of disapproval
  3. Insular – Uninterested in other people’s ideas or culture
  4. Circumambulation – Moving around sacred objects
  5. Bulwarks – A defensive wall
  6. Idolatrous – Practising idol worship
  7. Decoction – Boiling a plant to dissolve the chemicals inside it. We did this at school with strawberries to extract their DNA and the smell was amazing.
  8. Urbane – A person, especially a man, with a courteous or refined manor.
  9. Consign – Deliver something to someone.
  10. Paragon – A model of excellence.
  11. Girded – Encircle a body part with a thing like a belt.
  12. Slattern – An untidy woman, and possibly a Pokémon given the amount of images Bing brought up….
  13. Cuckolding – The husband of an adulterating wife. You will get another definition from Urban dictionary, read at your own peril…
  14. Troubadour – A man who composed and performed Occitan lyric poetry in the Middle Ages.
  15. Desultory – Not having a plan, purpose or enthusiasm. I think we can all relate at some point to this.
  16. Recalcitrant – Having an uncooperative attitude towards authority, basically every teenager.
  17. Charlatanry – A person falsely claiming to have a special skill or knowledge.
  18. Alembic – Distilling apparatus that’s not a thing anymore.
  19. Egregiously – Something shocking.
  20. Irresolute – showing uncertainty. I’m irresolute about Blogtober.
  21. Slipshod – Lack of care, thought or organisation. Definitely me on the organisation front.
  22. Amphisbaena – Mythological ant eating serpent with a head at each end. Huh who knew.
  23. Reft – Past tense of raeve which means to carry out a raid.
  24. Flotsam – A shipwreck
  25. Profligate – The wasteful use of resources, sums up our planet pretty well.
  26. Samovar – A pretty Russian tea urn.
  27. Missish – Squeamish, even WordPress doesn’t think this was a word
  28. Askance – Another word for Pejorative!
  29. Tourney – A tournament, often a medieval joust.
  30. Zhurek – A fermented cereal soup.

8 thoughts on “30 More Words I Learnt from Books

  1. Insular was for me always related to an Island, but I can see where the second definition comes from
    And zurek is written żurek in Polish – pronounced “zhurek” – made of soured rye flour (akin to sourdough) and pieces of pork sausage.


  2. This was such a fun post! What a great idea! I often find I discover new words (to me) in Historical Fiction. It’s handy when there’s an appendix at the back to flick too haha!


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