Gilmore Girls Challenge Update

Hello everyone! Do you remember the dim and distant days of February where I said I’d attempt to read as many books as everyone’s favourite TV bookworm, Rory Gilmore. So, only a couple months later, here’s an update on how that’s going:

1. Huckleberry Finn ✔️

Read it! All the way back in February. And I still haven’t put up review for it. Haha, I’m great at this whole blogging thing aren’t I.

2. Moby Dick ✖️

I got this one out the library and honestly, I couldn’t do it. Way too much talk of Whaling for me I’m afraid. I mean, I don’t even know what whaling is? I’m thinking I might try the Audiobook and see if I get on with that any better.

3. Madame Bovary ❌

Not going to lie, this one isn’t looking good. I haven’t found it on the library system so we might be in trouble here.

This photo is slightly more related to VE Schwab than any classic, but we’ll let that slide…

And now onto episode two. Here are the books in episode two:

At Rory’s new elite school a lot of titles are bartered around in her English lesson, so many I had to keep pausing the thing to catch up. But it’s clear from Rory’s vacant expression that she hasn’t actually read any of them. The books mentioned, that I noted down, are: Anna Kerina, Great Expectations (can you believe, I’ve actually read this one?!), The Tale of Two Cities and War and Peace (thank goodness I don’t have to read that monstrosity).

Since I’m only trying to read the ones Rory is confirmed to have read, or this challenge will never end, I’m not adding those to my list.

And that brings us nicely on to episode three, where Rory discusses just one novel with her grandfather when go golfing:

4. Chrestomathy

Ok, apparently a Chrestomathy is a collection of works or something and I missed part of the title here, but going back to the original list I think they are referring to A Mencken Chrestomathy. I’d loved to tell you what it was about but I got bored just reading the dense text that was the Goodreads blurb. Things aren’t looking good.

I will have another update with another few books soon. Meanwhile I’ll have my review of Red Queen up tomorrow! Have you read any of the books here? Have you seen the TV show? Think you can read as much as Rory? Feel free to drop a comment in the comments section.

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