30 More Words I Learnt from Books

Another Blogtober post and another list. How many of the words that learnt from books lately do you know? Leave a score in the comments section!

  1. Macabre – Causing a fear of death. Fairly sure I’ve used this in reviews a couple of times.
  2. Cur – An aggressive dog
  3. Echelon – a rank in an organisation
  4. Virulent – A really harmful disease
  5. Taran – A Gaelic name
  6. Rigidly – A strict or exact way
  7. Triolet – An eight line poem, I also think it means scooter in French
  8. Fuselage – Main body of an aircraft
  9. Squally – weather containing a lot of violent gusts of winds, called squalls
  10. Contemptuous – Showing scorn
  11. Insatiable – Impossible to satisfy
  12. Chagrin – Distress at being humiliated
  13. Siccing – Apparently it’s the past tense of being sick 🀷
  14. Transom – A flat surface that’s part of a boat. I thought it was when you commit treason by ransoming something but alas.
  15. Pliant – Easily bent
  16. Proctor – A disciplinary person at US universities.
  17. Balsam – An aromatic residue, often from trees
  18. Capricious – Sudden unaccountable mood swings
  19. Imbue – Inspire
  20. Deigned – Doing something you consider beneath you
  21. Ermine – a stout, which is meerkat type animal, with a white winter coat (of the natural kind)
  22. Sconces – a candle holder attached to a wall with a bracket
  23. Cadence – an inflection of the voice. I think we’ve had this one before on these lists πŸ€”
  24. Sibilant – A hissing noise
  25. Preened – Birds cleaning their feathers. What a really specific word.
  26. Cloying – Disgust someone by being too kind and sweet
  27. Rictus – A fixed grimace
  28. Acquiescence – Accept something without protest. Those of you who’ve seen Pirates of the Caribbean will recognise this one.
  29. Eschewed – Deliberately avoid
  30. Basilica – A large hall. And here I was thinking it was the thing in the Chambers of Secrets.

7 thoughts on “30 More Words I Learnt from Books

  1. This is such a great idea! Imagine me as French reader how many words I learn thanks to books I read in English!


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