Summer Book Haul 2

Just sneaking my Blogtober post in for today! Here is another book haul, all about the books I got over summer and my predicted ratings for each.


Afraid to say that I’ve already read this gem and it was an easy five stars, I loved it.

Boys Don’t Cry

Weirdly enough I now have two copies of this and have read neither. I don’t know much about it so I’m guessing it’ll be four stars.

To Best the Boys

I won this novel from the Fairy Loot stand at YALC and I heard it’s about female STEM characters so I’m shooting for an optimistic four stars.

One of Us is Lying

Another novel I’m afraid I’ve already torn through. I would have projected it a lot less, like three stars but it turned out to be an easy five stars. I was addicted to that novel and read it in two days.


Another novel that I may have dipped into already, although I haven’t quite finished it. I’m a bit nervous about liking it given the slow start so I’ll go a tentative three stars.

The Twisted Tree

Another girl recommended me this at the book swap. I’ve not heard of it before so I’ll go a cautious three.

Throne of Swans

Another novel I’ve already read but sadly didn’t like. It was just so slow, I’m fairly sure I gave it


A modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice, a novel I loved when I read it about two years ago. Given how much I loved the plot and characters I have high hopes this novel will be at least four stars.

Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

Again, I’ve already read it. Although, very sadly I lugged this massive hardback around and didn’t enjoy it.


Another novel I’ve already read (I was so desperate to finish the series!) And it was a tad of a disappointment. You’ll all see the rating tomorrow but it wasn’t five stars sadly…

2 thoughts on “Summer Book Haul 2

  1. I love Vicious too. I still haven’t got round to reading Vengeful though. The other one that interests me somewhat is Fawkes, especially as I don’t think anyone has really touched on Guy Fawkes and the events of Bonfire Night in fiction before. I think I nearly picked it up at YALC and I now can’t remember why I didn’t. Weird.


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