Books that Make My Bookstagram Look Autumnal

Over Blogtober I tried to put an autumnal twist on my Bookstagram, grabbing a few orangey-yellow leaves that inevitably dripped all over the kitchen floor, smoothing over my checkered scarf that I managed to leave on a train this morning and, of course, dragging out every autumnal looking book I could find. Read, unread or DNFd astetic always comes first. And here’s a list of the ten reads that have donned my Instagram for the past month.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

1 That glittering gold cover, Harry Potter script and dark snitch make for a great autumnal shot with an added shock of gold.


2 I deliberately asked my local book seller (thank you Sarah) to order me in the pretty cream covered copy of Vicious, with the bones framing a silhouetted figure. Let’s just say it was a good investment because the copy really pops on my photos.


3 I had my reservation when snatching up this hardback at YALC, excited for the story but not convinced red would look good. I was terribly incorrect, the swirling reds have adorned my bookstagram for the best of a month by now.

Muse of Nightmares

4 I was luck enough to get a very pretty hardback of this sent to me by a publishers. That orange cover, embossed with those silver wings, stained orange pages within. Yep, possibly one of my favourite freebees ever.

One of Us is Lying

5 Another one my friend Sarah ordered in and yes, I did ask for the creamy cover and glittery red title. I’m a tad vein about my books, ok?

A Thousand Perfect Notes

6 I haven’t even read the thing but it’s been all over my bookstagram, that half a butterfly wing and groovy text making the perfect accompaniment to my autumnal theme.

The Sun is Also a Star

7 Another one I haven’t read yet have photo’d enough times that really it’s starting to haunt my tbr pile. It’s those pretty star bursts ok! Adding that perfect drop of bright colour to my autumnal look.


8 It’s that vibrant green. It just draws me in and I have to photo it.


9 This modern Pride and Predjudice retelling is very Bookstagrammable, from the swirling browns to the decorative border it is definitely autumnal themed.


X A novel I tragically don’t own. I’m a sucker for the embossed, glossy red and now truly covert my friend’s white cover with the leafy patterned novel.

Let’s Compare Notes

So there you have it! The books that have been splashed across my Instagram for the last few months. The ones that really rock those autumnal colours. What novels look autumnal to you? Do you have a list? Would love to hear from you in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Books that Make My Bookstagram Look Autumnal

  1. Love all of books — they definitely give off the autumn vibes. They match so well with the color of the leaves. I didn’t even consider Pride when thinking about the autumn vibes but the book really does bring it 🙂 Great TTT!


  2. All of these are so swoon worthy. ESPECIALLY the way you photograph them. Phew! And I’m not just saying that because I spy many favourites amongst the mix–the way you capture these books and their designs is truly lovely.


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