How Many of these Unorthodox Bookmarks have you Used?

We all know finding a bookmark is hard. Unless the book comes with those convenient strings that you can pull taunt to keep your place you’re left struggling, and let’s face, unless you’re reading The Bible most books don’t have those courteous strings. And we’re not those savages who turn down pages. Here are the ten crazy things I’ve used as a bookmark, how many have you used?


1 I will always have a tiny scrap of scrunched up receipt stowed away in my coat, crammed in my wallet or tucked in the back of my jeans.


2 You know how you go somewhere and they give you those stylised booklets with a map and maybe some historical facts on? And you’re way too cold to read them so you tuck them away in a bag or pocket, never look at again, think about the poor planet and inevitably have it in your bag for months? Yup, them. The best bookmarks.

Train Tickets

3 And when they print that extra card receipt that tells you no details whatsoever and normally just get left in the machine? Extra bookmark.

Sweet Wrappers

4 Times of desperation and lack of available scarps of paper have driven me to use that squashed flat wrapper of a tasty chocolate bar, always available thanks to an unhealthy love of sugar.

Debit Card

5 Ok, yes, this is a crazy one but sometimes you’re holding too many things and the easy solution is just to jam the nearest thing in your hand into the book so you can shut it.

Oyster Card

6 Because really, no one needs them when they’re through the barriers and you always read on the tube, hello no data. The rush afterwards is too manic to properly save your place.


7 That uncomfortable pinch when you’re on the move but the determination to not loose the chapter you were in the middle of reading, mid sentence in a paragraph halfway down that you’ll really never find again if you don’t read now. Desperate times.


8 Not a permanent solution but occasionally it’s all you’ve got.

Work Pass

9 Why else would they give you such a long lanyard if it wasn’t for saving your spot in your novel?? And it’s not like you’ll need it until tomorrow anyway.


X Hey if Harry Potter uses a sock as a bookmark in The Chamber of Secrets you can defo squeeze your scarf in your current read.

26 thoughts on “How Many of these Unorthodox Bookmarks have you Used?

  1. Omg. I definitely use receipts often, but I didn’t realize other people used their debit cards and phones, too hahaha I always get *a look* for that. And I didn’t even think to use the extra ticket for the train! Finally, a use for it!


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