How my Reading has Changed since Becoming a Blogger

Being a book blogger, unsurprisingly, has changed my reading habits. In this post I’m going to give it a proper examination and go through ten things that have definitely changed towards my attitude to reading since becoming a blogger.

I only Read Books I’ve Heard of

1 I used to go into the library and snatch up anything that interests me from the shelf, read the odd blurb flick to a random page, return it afterwards and start the whole process again. Now I choose famous books. Books that are popular, all over book Twitter, the ones everyone is talking about. It’s a big change and I never find those hidden gems anymore but I feel more involved with the community when I know the books they’re all talking about.

I Track my Reading

2 Before I had no idea how many books I read. Roughly one a week, sometimes a little more often a little less. I’d stand in the library and try and recall which book in the series I was up to, randomly selecting my next read and rarely thinking about reaching monthly targets or yearly objectives.

I Reread

3 My stance would always be that rereading was dull. You’d already been to that magical realm, met those characters, seen their adventure. There are so many books out their to read, why waste time rereading old ones? Now I find myself edging to reread old favourites. So I can write a review, or review a sequel or because I heard someone mention a book and want to remember what I thought of it. Either way, I’ve definitely taken to the reread lately.

Book Hangover

4 When I was younger I would wait before starting my next read. I’d mull over the events, be shocked, think of alternate endings. I would be trapped in that realm for a few days before moving on. Now I give it a passing thought before snatching up my next read. It might come from tracking my reading, or maybe because I know I’ll return to the book in my review, either way I don’t get book hangovers in the same way as a blogger.

I’m more Critical

5 This one was sort of obvious but before blogger me was more oblivious of bad writing style, poorly fleshed out plot points and dull language. I’d know a terrible book from a fantastic one but wouldn’t divulge all the star ratings in between.

I’m more Likely to DNF

6 Before blogging me would rarely DNF. I didn’t like to and felt that if an author put their heart and soul into a novel I should at least try and finish it. Not anymore. Now I’m harsh, I’ve got only a few precious reads every month and I no longer waste time on books I don’t enjoy

I pay Attention to the Author

7 Interacting with authors on Twitter, following their Instagrams, knowing which events they’re going to and seeing their personality splashed across the internet makes me genuinely consider if I want to support this author by featuring their book on my blog. They have to be a decent person now, on top of being a good writer.

I’m More Aware of Negative Tropes

8 As a pre blogger I would read about unhealthy relationships, toxic friendship, belittled women and lack of representation and rarely pick up on it. I’m more aware of this negativety now and the damage it can do, I understand the impact novels can have and think more about how these tropes can effect other readers.

I Read More Diversely

9 Besides the fact that I go out of my way to read authors of colour and about disabled protagonists, something I never did before, I now also read beyond YA. Perhaps this shift was inevitable as I enter my early twenties but with the internet offering up so many suggestions I find it easy to step out and find good adult books, poetry and short stories I’d have never considered before I started blogging.

I Spend More Time Around Books

X Reading was always a big part of my life. I have fond childhood memories of wondering round the local library little fingers dragging along the plastic coated covers, giddy lunchtimes spent fangirling about books at school, lying under the hot summer sun on warmed brown grass with a novel or discovering Goodreads and Fanfiction, spending hours trawling the internet, skimming other peoples thoughts and opinions on those characters I knew so well, realising how big the world actually is. Before I spent a good deal of time with books. Now I spend a lot. I leave the library with a stack, I browse the Bookstagram hashtag before bed, I scroll through book Twitter while waiting for my boyfriend to finally get out the shower, every free minute a chance to squeeze in a few pages or tap out a quick blog post. In refreshing and potentially slightly crazy.

Let’s Compare Notes

Are you a blogger? Have your attitudes to reading changed over the years? Do you have a top ten Tuesday? Leave a comment and let me know!

43 thoughts on “How my Reading has Changed since Becoming a Blogger

  1. “I never find those hidden gems anymoremore” I miss this, don’t you? I’m reading a lot like you–I don’t really browse anymore, except blogs. So I rarely read unknown books, either, leaving it to others to find the gems.


  2. I relate to a lot of what you’ve written here! I’m more aware of negative tropes as well, and being part of the community has made me more aware of the author’s presence on social media platforms. Great list, Hannah 🙂


  3. Great list! I love what you said about negative tropes – I’m definitely much better at recognising when something hasn’t been represented well or a toxic relationship is being romanticised than I was ten years ago.


  4. Great post! I think these are all true for me. I also engage more with others beyond my immediate friends and family about books. Blogging and interacting with others online about books has been fantastic! I don’t personally know that many people as passionate about books as I am, so it’s been fun to chat books online!


  5. I started rereading more recently as well 😀 It’s fun to come back to things once in a while!
    And becoming a more critical and conscious reader is a process but it pays off. I want to be able to recognise harmful tropes and bad writing! 😀
    Great post!

    My TTT


    1. It is! And I can’t reviews of I haven’t read the novel somewhat recently! Yeah I do too but I assume you only get better at that! I’d recommend reviewing more books since that makes you way more aware of the negative aspects, also reading other people’s reviews! Thanks for the link!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh man, I see myself in so many of your items! Tracking for sure. I have no idea what I used to read but thanks to blogging and WWW Wednesday I am much more careful with how I track. And since I only write positive reviews I am perfectly happy to DNF a book like never before.


      1. I can feel you on the WWW and TTT. I’m trying to be more social and using TTT or Top Five Tuesday for that but I neeeeeeeed WWW to keep me organized.

        I only do positive reviews for a whole bunch of reasons but mostly because I am such a mood reader. Sometimes, it isn’t the book, it’s me and I don’t want to trash someone’s work. Also, honestly, there is so much negativity on the internet I’m just trying not to add. Now, me at book club? Whole different story!


  7. This is such a great post Hannah! I really enjoyed reading it😊 And yes, I’ve noticed most of the same changes in my reading too, except for the dnf part maybe. Also, I’m on the other side of the age spectrum, in my late 30s, and had never read a fantasy or YA until I became a blogger and now I’m hooked to this genre😊
    I also instagram more and try to buy pretty books just to make the pics Instagram worthy lol 😂


  8. Oh man, I’m totally with you on noticing problematic things in books where I didn’t before! I mean sure, if something was really bad I’d notice it, but I just didn’t see the little stuff as problematic.

    Great list!


  9. I have definitely have changed for the good I think. I am the opposite to you slightly. I don’t reread at all and I wish I could. I read more and diversely, a book hangover but I wish I could track my reading more. Great post.


  10. This is super interesting!!! I’m going to have to do one of these posts, I think, because it really made ME think about how my habits have changed! I’ve been a book blogger for over 5 years now… let’s see if I can remember how life used to be 😂😅


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