2019 Releases Still on my TBR

You know how everyone’s going through and saying all those things they’ve accomplished in 2019? And we’re all so proud? Well I’m talking about what I failed to achieve! Haha oops. Here are ten books I didn’t manage to read this year (yet! Still two weeks to go right?!) that will be on my tbr come January.

To Best the Boys

1. I got a copy of this at YALC! I won it from the Fairy Loot stand and was so excited to read it that I completely forgot about it. Woops.

A Heart so Fierce and Broken

2. Funny story, I did a post once of books that should be renamed and swapped the word Broken for Fragile in this title and honestly I can’t stop typing it… Anyway, the sequel to A Curse so Dark and Lonely is definitely on my tbr after that ending. I need to know what’s going on with Harper, Grey (Gray? I can’t event remember) and Rhen.

Priory of the Orange Tree

3. I know nothing about this book besides there is a dragon on the cover and it’s massive. One of these facts is making me desperate to try it and the other is completely putting me off and honestly I can’t decide if I want to read it or not?


4. I’m picturing this book as Les Mis with magic which sounds fab to me.

On The Come Up

5. I really loved Angie Thomas’s debut, The Hate U Give, but never got round to reading her other novel! I know it’s about rap but not much more.

King of Fools

6. I really want to know what’s going on with Ennie and Levi but have been struggling to find a copy of this since it came out, which is very confusing given how much Ace of Shades features on Bookstagram. I thought it was pretty popular?


7. I got the authors other novel Fawkes and gave it a try but couldn’t really get into it. However, I’m hoping I’ll prefer this one as everyone says it’s so good and am thinking of going back to Fawkes. I’ve heard the beginning is a tad slow.


8. This is my current read (I’m a whole three pages in) and I’m loving it! Who knows, maybe I will even finish it before 2020.

Call Down the Hawk

9. I just brought a copy of this and I am so hyped. I just need to finish The Raven King, which I am slightly struggling to get through, so I can start on this Ronan filled novel.


X. A novel about a girl who creates an incredibly popular game online and then bad things start happening? Isn’t this just the dream (maybe minus the bad things)? And at some point I’m hoping the author divulges if she wrote it in JavaScript or C# because there’s a real debate there.

Let’s Compare Notes

There you have it! 10 2019 novels still on my tbr. Let’s face it, they’ll probably still be there in 2020… What’s your best read of the year? Any favourites? What novels have you not got round to? Let me know in the comments!

I will have my November Wrap up going up tomorrow (I may have said this last week but got distracted publishing a review… Woops) and next week’s Top Ten Tuesday, My Winter TBR up, unsurprisingly, next week!