Winter TBR

Here I am, writing a winter TBR in the balmy forty degree heat of Australia. I’m staying with my grandparents who live on the rim of a dormant volcano, which is pretty exciting. I spent yesterday meeting my little cousins and uncles for the first time and watching exotic wildlife like kangaroos and wallabies visit the garden, while also admiring the sheer volcanic drop at the end of the garden. We’re going to do a little volcano exploring today I hope.

Anyway here are the books I’ll be polishing off when I get back to the icy realms of England.

A Heart so Fierce and Broken

1. The sequel to A Curse so Dark and Lonely has been topping my tbr for a while. I really enjoyed the first novel and want to dive into its sequel, as soon as it comes available at the library.

Call Down the Hawk

2. Don’t we all want to know Ronan’s backstory? And see what ridiculous and hopefully dangerous things he’s pulling out of dreams in this installment. I know I’d be pretty freaked out if my dreams and nightmares kept coming to life.

The Starless Sea

3. After the incredible debut that was The Night Circus I am dead excited to read the next novel from this excellent author. I hear it’s all about magic books and those are just the best kind of books. Also I’m hoping to get the really pretty Waterstones exclusive copy for Christmas…


4. My current read! And it’s so massive it might take me all winter just to read it… With that pretty burnt orange swirly cover and heavy hardback I lugged to Australia I hope to squeeze in a little bit of reading time between lounging by the pool, exploring the warm, pretty cities and waterfall diving.

Priory of the Orange Tree

5. Speaking of burnt orange massive books, this may take me all winter to read. I’ve been advised to try the audiobook if it ends up being too big which is a very real possibility.


6. This has been on my tbr for far too long. Also I find the cover embarrassingly pretty and each time I post it on Bookstagram I feel a tad disappointed to have still not read it. Will this winter be my chance?!

To Best the Boys

7. I got a very pretty hardback of this from Fairy Loot at YALC and it’s about time I gave it a read.


8. I have the nice paperback with the pretty gold foiled decoration, adorned with French flags and period dress just waiting to be read.


9. An early Christmas present! (We’re talking November early, but that’s another story). I’ve been wanting to read this novel for ages and am really pleased I’ve got a copy now! Hopefully I can’t start on it soon.

The City of Brass

X. Is it just me or do a lot of books have the whole ‘City of’ thing going on? Maybe I’ll make a Top Ten Tuesday list some time of all the novels with City of in, that would be fun. Anyone I managed to get a copy of this, looking all shiny and brand new, from a market in Cambridge for just £3!! What a steal! Although my friend then told me I should have haggled. Either way I’m happy with the price and very happy with the book, looking forward to reading it this winter!

Let’s Compare Notes

There you have it! A list of novels I’m super excited to read this winter, while on my summer holiday. What novels are you hoping to read this winter? Do you have a list? Let me know in the comments!

I should have my review of The Deathless Girls up later this week for you all and next week, on Christmas Eve, I’m going to go through my Autumn tbr and see which books I managed to finish!