How I did On My Autumn TBR

Happy Christmas Eve (if you celebrate Christmas)! I’m still in sunny Aus, we’re going waterfall diving today and hiking in a rainforest. Not my typical Christmassy activities but definitely still fun. I’m actually not that excited for Christmas because it means I’m saying goodbye to my family and heading back to the frosty UK in a few days, but at least I get to give and receive gifts. This autumn I attempted to read a host of historical fictions and slightly relevant books for the season that includes the back to school vibe, Halloween and Bonfire Night. Here’s the list and what I managed, and didn’t manage to read.

Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

1. We’re off to a good start since I joined Monty, Percy and Felicity on their expensive olden day gap year that got weirdly way layed. I loved the characters but found the plot a little random and unbelievable, for a novel that deals with such serious issues I felt it could have had a more serious and realistic plot.

Stalking Jack the Ripper

2. I’m starting to think historical fiction may not be my cup of tea because, again, I found the story a little silly in places and a tad hard to believe. Which is bizarre, given my love of fantasy, which is most definitely hard to believe.

Normal People

3. A novel that deals with social and class issues, priveledge and money at modern university and the difference that makes for students? Sounds perfect. However I felt the novel pulled away from the issues I was hoping it would highlight and found simple solutions that may solve social and class issues for one character but won’t help everyone.

Shadow and Bone

4. Yeah I really need to read this one at some point, and my copy is really pretty.


5. Again, oops.


6. Schwab’s writing is ever incredible as she leads her readers into the crazy world of her villains series. I loved seeing Sydney’s complex development and Marcella was just the best villain. However I do have various qualms with the ending…


7. I briefly started this novel but really couldn’t get into it. Possibly I was historical novelled out at this point. Hoping to give it another try at some point.


8. Yes, I know this has been on my tbr forever. I think the former historical books are putting me off a tad, but given it’s just featured on my winter tbr hopefully I’ll manage to read it soon.

Orphan Monster Spy

9. Again, another historical novel I’m a tad reluctant to pick up. Hopefully I’ll be in a historical mood at some point.

The Raven Cycle

X. Ah yes, I went optimistic and whacked the whole series on my tbr. And I actually gave it a pretty good go: reading The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves and Blue Lily, Lily, Blue this autumn! I’m halfway through The Raven King and not a massive fan, it feels a bit scatty and lacks direction, which totally makes sense given the author’s recent blog posts. I’m planning on picking it up again in January and finally finishing this series.

Let’s Compare Notes

Have you read any of these novels? Any ony your tbr? Are you taking part in Top Ten Tuesday? Let me know!

I should have my review for Normal People up at some point this week and my 2020 goals coming soon so stay tuned and Merry Christmas (if you’re celebrating!)