Books Recently Added to my Bookshelf

Due to my recent absence on a business trip, accompanied by a few nights at the pub with friends and dinner that got me home too late to blog, lots of travelling and then getting ill when I got back to London I’ve been very AFK lately. So much so that I my Top Ten Tuesday is now a Top Ten Thursday.

But ever playing catch up, here are the ten books I’ve recently added to my life and look forward to racing through over the next few weeks.

One of Us is Next

1. I dragged my friend to a book store last weekend desperate to get this book. I got the pretty blue stained pages copy, with the blue shiny text on the white cover, which will fit with my red One of Us is Lying and green Two Can Keep a Secret. Gosh how are her books so good, I’m halfway through already.

The Starless Sea

2. By the author who wrote The Night Circus. My friend got me a very pretty Waterstones special edition, complete with the key drawn on the pages and a signature (!!!). I am so excited to dive into this novel!

The Binding

3. Another purchase from my weekend trip to Waterstones. I’ve been seeing adverts for this all over London tube stations and couldn’t resist, the lovely purple cover and stained pages were nothing if not more of an incentive.

The Testaments

4. Having loved The Handmaid’s Tale I placed an order for the sequel on audiobook at the local library a few months back. The book is due to grace my ears on the 25th of January!

Children of Vice and Virtue

5. Sequel to Children of Blood and Bone this novel went straight to the top of my tbr when it came out in December. A copy just appeared before me in the library last week and I, obviously, had to take it out.

I know why the Caged Bird Sings

6. I was recommended this one at the local library this weekend, the tale sounding heart breaking and like nothing I normally read. So I thought I’d give it a punt. Anyone heard of it before?

Conversations with Friends

7. For a mere £2.50 I picked up a copy of this in Australia at a really cheap bookstore. Honestly I could have spent all the dollars budgeted for the trip there, it was so amazingly cheap. I enjoyed Sally Rooney’s other novel, Normal People, and am excited to try more of her works!

Call Down the Hawk

8. I picked up Maggie Steivfater’s latest and next in the Rave Cycle saga over Christmas. As soon as I’ve finished The Raven King I will be all over it.


9. I’ve wanted to read this novel for ages since the lead character is a game developers, which is so rarely see in literature! And as a girl after my own coding heart I look forward to following her crazy creation coming alive.

The City of Brass

x. I finished this just this week and my days I need the sequel. It was so good. I picked up a cheap copy at a market over Christmas.

Let’s Compare Notes

What novels have you recently added to you tbr? Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments and please link me back to any lists you may have on the topic!

My next post will definitely be a review, probably of Nocturna and hopefully that will be posted tomorrow, I just need to edit the picture for it.

I’ve decided to slow down on the Meet the Bookworm posts so the posts will last longer and so my blog can continue to receive my content as well as words of wisdom from my bookish friends. You can expect them every three weeks. I’m still looking for bloggers to interview, so let me know if you want to be involved!