Just Another Post of Pretty Book Covers

I’ve done this post about a thousand time and it never gets old. I never get tired looking at my shelves and admiring all the pretty books I own, and glancing over my bookstagram to just oggle. Having wonderful access to a local library and an innate fear of spending money I tend to only buy books that have really jazzy covers. Ones I can’t bear to photo with that glossy sheen of a dust cover on top. So here’s a list, for Top Ten Tuesday’s book cover freebie, of books I love the covers for.

The Starless Sea

1. My new favourite. I got this as a gift and my days. How pretty can a book be! Those swirling blues and blots of black, that golden bee stamped on the front and that cursive gold lettering? Arg.

The Raven Cycle

2. All these books. The blue pencil etched stag on The Raven King to the hastily drawn raven on The Raven Boys with that dash of colour in the heart? Amazing. these novels never fail to have a beautiful cover.


3. I know, I know. I go on about how pretty this cover is all the time. And insta it far too much. I am a total sucker for that white background and those black bones all lined up. Also if you didn’t guess my VE Schwab obsession you will be figuring it out by now. Although this is my favourite cover, I’m not against Bookstagramming the Shades of Magic novels.

Conversations with Friends

4. Don’t as me why but I gravitate towards the yellow and this cover is lovely. Bright sunshiny yellow with two slightly moody looking people sketched on the front.

City of Brass

5. Not only is the book excellent but the wooden door with swirling decoration along it’s edges and etchings in gold added to the patterns is just so pretty. Adding just the right covers to brighten up my pictures.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

6. Hear me out, I’m not talking the UK edition. I’m talking the french edition. It’s slightly smaller, red and with Hedwig holding a Hogwarts letter sitting on a tree branch all silhouetted in gold with Harry Potter scrawled across the top in that classic Harry Potter writing. Best Harry Potter cover I’ve seen yet.

One of Us is Lying

7. I have the red One of Us is Lying, green Two Can Keep a Secret and newly acquired and read blue One of Us is Next. All complete with the bold white cover, single glittery text and the corresponding coloured stained pages. Its morally wrong to separate these three they look so good together.

Shadow and Bone

8. I snagged the pretty copies of this series. You know, the ones with the blue stag, green snake and red pheonix? I love the swirling moody colours and old fashioned tones the covers encorporate and just hope I love the books half as much.


9. Still haven’t read it but that lime green cover with a uni student perched on top of the block capitals title is always flashing up on my bookstagram. I know, I may have a problem.


X. I don’t own a copy of this book and it sucks. Because the thorny backdrop, moody tower and blush of colour from that single rose is just perfect.

Let’s Compare Notes

So there you have it! A collection of pretty covers. Please share your cover freebie Top Ten Tuesday posts with me, I’m desperate to oggle at pictures of pretty books. And share your favourite cover with me in the comments! I’ll go google image the book.

If you want to see all the pretty covers I own my instagram is here: https://www.instagram.com/bookslifeotheroddities/

I will be back later in the week with a review, most likely for One of Us is Next! Till then, bye!


10 thoughts on “Just Another Post of Pretty Book Covers

  1. So many pretty covers! I love the Raven Cycle covers so much, and VE Schwab always has the most gorgeous covers (though it still kills me that I have the ugly original covers of both Vicious and The Near Witch!). I also wish I had the new covers of Shadow and Bone, they are so gorgeous. I can’t wait to read City of Brass, did you enjoy it?


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