Audiobooks on my TBR

Not going to lie, I read the title for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday and got very confused. ‘Books on my tbr I think will be five star reads’ who picks up a book thinking it might be a bit rubbish but they’ll give it a read anyway? I don’t have time for that.

So I’m going to mix up the title slightly and go through the Audiobooks I have on hold at the library and ones I just want to generally read, even if the library doesn’t have them yet.

The Testaments

1. My audiobook copy of this just came available! Having read The Handmaid’s Tale on audiobook it seemed only fair to try it’s sequel on audio, you can really get the earie atmosphere and they’re great at reading the reports in those stoic news reporter voices.

The Flat Share

2. This book has been doing the rounds lately all over social media. It’s not my normal read given it’s ya romance but I thought I’d give it a go when the audiobook popped up on Borrow Box the other day.

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

3. This novel sounds so intriguing. A mystery where the sleuth is reliving the same day? Amazing. Also the novel actually is on my libraries audiobook collection, here’s hoping I can get round to reading it soon.

Priory of the Orange Tree

4. This novel being the beast it is is best consumed on audiobook I hear. Partly for portability and partly because it’s a bit quicker to read it on audiobook than physical book.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

5. I recently brought a copy of the French edition and it would be excellent in audiobook. I desperately need to improve my listening and Harry Potter is surprisingly easy to read, especially given how well I know the story.

War and Peace

6. I’ve always wanted to have read this massive classic. I feel it would be quite an achievement but, again, like Priory, the size means I’d want to have it on audio.

The Raven King

7. I’m somewhat in two minds about this. I read the others on audio and they were good but I have a physical copy of this one and sort of want to read it. It seems a shame to leave the book unread on my shelf.

On the Come Up

8. Having loved The Hate U Give On the Come Up has been on my tbr for a while. I think the audiobook would really bring the tale about rap to life and I’ve only heard positive reviews.


9. Recommended by Barack Obama this book has been on my radar for a while, ever since posters for it started appear all over the train network. I’m trying to read more autobiographies and given this one has an excellent audiobook it’s up there on my list of to read.

Song of Achilles

X. I listened to Circe on audiobook and absolutely loved it, the feeling of having the story told rather than read worked really well for the vibe the book was going for. I’m hoping to read her second book on audio too.

Let’s Compare Notes

There you have it! Ten Audiobooks on my tbr. What’s on your tbr? Any the same as mine? Any audiobook recommendations? Let me know, or leave a link, in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Audiobooks on my TBR

  1. I didn’t listen to the audiobook, but The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle was a good read!

    It’s kind of funny, because it’s not like I ever pick up a book not expecting to like it (well…that’s not true, I’ve done that a few times). I just know how picky I am. I’ve been surprised by several books in both directions, so this week’s topic worked for me. It’s so interesting for me to hear of those for whom the topic didn’t work.


  2. Oooh, I like your topic! I’ve just started listening to audiobooks in the last month or so. I’ve found some great listens and some not so great ones. I’m learning that, for me, a lot depends on the narrator. Speaking of, I’ve heard the HP books are absolutely, fantastically narrated. I need to listen to them.

    Happy TTT!



  3. I tried to listen to The Raven King, but I didn’t love the narrator. And it was a reread. But I don’t typically enjoy audiobooks, so my opinion may be useless. 😉

    My Top Ten Tuesday


      1. Yes, I think it was on Spotify, but I just listened to a few chapters when I needed to clean and couldn’t read my physical copy. 😍


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