10 Characters I’d Follow on Social Media

Ah social media, the wonderful internet world where many of us spend far too much time. But while we all know the internet is full of trolls, who do we think would really brighten up our online worlds? Here are ten book characters I’d follow on socials.

Percy Jackson

1. Because how funny would his tweets be? And can we have an Instagram story for his battles?!

Harry Potter

2. Just for the Hogwarts aesthetic he’d have going on on social media. And the odd story of a moving painting.

Lizzie Bennett

Pride and Prejudice

3. I like to think she wouldn’t be one of those girls who only posts about her boyfriend. I feel she’d talk about her holidays in York and her sister and the odd Darcy selfie but not too many.

Clary Fray

City of Bones

4. She could post her art and short videos of her sword fighting! Although, let’s face it, she is definitely one of those girls who’d only post about her boyfriend so we may just be treated to a lot of pictures of a confused and slightly moody Jace.


Daughter of Smoke and Bone

5. Again, we can see her art! I’d love to see her crazy cartoons about Brimstones, and the Prague aesthetic with shots of the snow, the ghost tours and Poison would be amazing. Also Karou has a great eye for colour, her feed would be beautiful.

Zachery Ezra Rawlings

The Starless Sea

6. I’d want pictures of his amazing adventure to the Starless Sea alongside captions of all the stories he keeps hearing. The dream.


The Raven Cycle

7. I tried to think who in the Gangsey would actually update socials and came to the conclusion that Blue would find it mainstream, Gansey’s wouldn’t feel real would just be the rowing team and fancy parties, Ronan wouldn’t be bothered and Adam would probably have an unaesthetic study gram at best. That just leaves Noah who I could definitely imagine wistfully photoing his friends in all the magical places and the others not even realising. He would probably caption his posts with the truth and the internet would just not believe it.



8. With Marcella’s hiding in plane sight thing she’d be all over the internet. Can you imagine her world domination tweets? And she’d post some really cool videos of her powers.


The City of Brass

9. Nahri is slightly too practical to be updating regularly but if she’d just start a travel gram in the City of Brass complete with sandy journey pics showing ancient fallen cities and scary lake creatures I’d definitely follow it.


One of Us is Lying

X. I’d just need the Yale updates. Shots of her and Maeve, Nate updates, maybe stories filling us in on Cooper and Addy. I also like to think she’d do a cracking dissertation that somehow incorporates the two Bayview murders.

Let’s Compare Notes

So there you have it people of the internet, here are the people I would like to follow on the internet. Alas they aren’t quite real. Who’s on your list? Who would be on your list, if you didn’t take part? Do you agree with any of mine? Let me know in the comments!

I will be back later this week with a review and potentially a discussion post if I get it written this week!