Authors I Love on Social Media

Social media gives us bookworms something history never has: the chance to grill our favourites. English teachers can no longer pose irritating questions about why Gatsby really throws his parties and the meaning behind Lizzie Bennetts trip to the Lake District. We can now just scroll through Twitter and receive all those little facts about our favourite reads coupled with what they had for breakfast and some randomer who accidentally tweeted something funny. It’s all wonderful.

So for Top Ten Tuesday here’s a list of fabulous authors I love following on social media. If you have any to add, agree with me or have your own list drop it in the comments section!

Rick Riordan

1. Besides the fact that we get all the Percy Jackson tweets and constant snark about the movie Rick Riordan shares authors from his imprint meaning there’s a wealth of mythology and sass available to all!

VE Schwab

2. I love her books so as an extension I enjoy her Twitter. Prepare for frantic writing tweets and gorgeous snaps of Edinburgh at twilight and maybe the odd book announcement. She also has a blog that she occasionally posts too and I love how real she is about the realities of being a big successful author.

Samantha Shannon

3. Besides much book excitement over her upcoming releases Samantha Shannon has the most articulate Twitter rants of anyone I follow. Plus you don’t have to scroll far to find a tweet about dragons.

Paper Fury

4. I may have not got round to reading A Thousand Perfect Notes yet but Caits account will always be a favourite of mine. Her snarky tweets and relatable bullet point lists never fail to make me laugh, although I do miss the days her tweets centred around reading instead of writing.

Maggie Steifvater

5. Maggie Steifvaters Twitter is one of my favourites. From her hilarious rereads of her own books, with much snark and pointing out her own plot holes, to hilarious tales about how she accidentally posted a boob picture to social media to annoying suggestions at spoilers for her books this author is always a treat on my timeline.

Lucy the Reader

6. Lucy is a book blogger, book tuber and now an author. She used to run UKYAChat which is why I followed her originally but I stuck around for the neat stacks of classics and cute hamster shots.

Jason Panroth

7. Sadly this account has gone on a bit of a haitus, but back when it was running it was really cool. The author shares stories about ‘Rejected Princesses’ who were basically really cool women in history. He’s a writer and illustrator, his stories have now been made into books.

Matt Haig

8. Author of How to Stop Time Matt goes into the historical people in his books and speaks openly about mental health calling people out and helping others feel seen.

Angie Thomas

9. Not only does Angie get crazy excited over all thing book updates, which is so cute, but her Twitter is full of her hilarious everyday. I recommend everyone go see the video of her proofs of One the Come Up ice never seen anyone so excited!

Karen McManus

X. Author of One of Us is Lying. We get all the updates on her books, she shares fanart and she’s so supportive during Pitmad because she pitched for it!