Self Isolation Reading List

By now we’re all getting the jist of pandemic life: stay inside. Don’t leave. Remain within the vincity of the four brick walls you call your home for the foreseeable future. We readers are ready for this. And, as such, I’ve made a self isolation reading list: the books I intend to polish off this spring.

This list is dubiously part of this weeks Top Ten Tuesday and you can find all my lists posts here.

The Starless Sea

Erin Morgenstern

1. Once upon what feels like a very long time ago but was really just the end of February I picked up this swirly blue hardback I got for Christmas. The novel felt a tad slow and bit confusing at the time so I gently laid it aside a mere 100 pages in. With the isolation ahead I’m going to give it another go.

Priory of The Orange Tree

Samantha Shannon

2. I’ve been reading this for about a week and a half now and 400 pages through. Am I nearly done? Oh no, I’ve barely started. This massive, orange tome will be keeping me plenty busy during isolation.

Haven Fall

Sara Holland

3. Right before the libraries closed I popped in and grabbed this recent release, not realising that it will be my last library book for a while. I also ordered A Heart so Fierce and Broken and Queenie but, alas, it seems my reading of them has fallen victim to the virus and the closed and thoroughly missed libraries.

Siege and Storm

Leigh Bardugo

4. I’ve just finished Shadow and Bone and, although a tad unoriginal it was good. Given I own all three of the novels and have been wanting to read them before the TV series is out this year, now seems as good a time as any to read the series.

City of Girls

Elizabeth Gilbert

5. I’ve not had a great track record with historical fiction in the past but this one sounded really good when it popped up on my audiobook list. Given the lack of library I am currently grappling with, beggars can’t be choosers! It’s going straight on my Self Isolation Reading List.


Rainbow Rowell

6. Has this novel not been on every tbr I’ve ever made?! Well here it is again! Making my Self Isolation Reading List. Maybe I’ll actually read it this time?

Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

Stuart Turton

7. I’m so close to the end, I know who did it and honestly don’t know what’s coming up in the last few chapter, but I’ve loved this murder mystery meets Groundhog day.

The Mercies

Kiran Millwood Hargrave

8. This novel was splashed all over social media when it first came out pairing an exciting premise with a pretty cover. I wasn’t a massive fan of The Deathless Girls but I’m hoping I’ll like this author more when she tries her hand at adult fantasy.

The Binding

Bridget Collins

9. I grabbed a pretty stained paged copy of this back in January and given I have many lonely months of isolation ahead I can finally read it.

French Harry Potter

JK Rowling

X. They say people should look at new indoor hobbies in this time so I’m focussing on an old one: learning French. My goal for isolation is to finish reading my french edition of Harry Potter, maybe try a page a day or something?

A Note From me A Bit About You

Don’t worry, this isn’t a sneaky 11th book, although I think it really could be with that fantastic title. This is a request for you to all fill my wordpress notifications with bookish cheer: tell me what you’re reading, what you’re planning on reading, whether you’ve read any of the books on my tbr and what you thought, share your lists with me, share what you had for breakfast, what you did yesterday. Please comment anything other than virus stuff. I need a break from all that.

And now the note from me:

For the last two weeks you may have noticed a distinct lack of me on the internet. You may have not and I will try not to be hurt given it’s all very apocalyptic out there. Between the stress and worry, tears and daily briefing from the Prime Minister, helping out those in isolation while still trying to social distance, finding no food in the shop while still worrying what we can put in the food bank it was all very overwhelming and my poor blog, which turned two at some point in all this, didn’t offer it’s usual escapism that I love it for. I’m slowly going to get back into it so stick with me.

I’m hoping to have four posts up this week: a review of Flatshare, this list, how I did on my last tbr and a post about my first week since the virus impacted my life. Stay tuned for them, stay safe and keep talking about books internet, because it makes happy when things get scary.

21 thoughts on “Self Isolation Reading List

  1. so many good books on the list! i really hope you enjoy Siege and Storm as that was my favorite of the series! best of luck ❀


  2. For a change, I actually haven’t read most of the books on your list! I’ve read Priory (enjoyed that), Siege and Storm (it’s better than the first one) and am currently reading Havenfall (it’s okay). I’m glad to see you enjoyed the Evelyn Hardcastle book, that one’s on my TBR. Does your library offer e-book services or no? Then you might still be able to get library books even if the actual building is closed. I’m currently reading Spin The Dawn and The King of Crows at the moment, but have been finding it difficult to concentrate on books, I’ve mostly been binge watching TV shows!


    1. The Evelyn Hardcastle book is really good, although it’s a bit slower than what you normally read I’d say. But once you get into it it’s really good. They do offer ebooks but I don’t really like ebooks tbh, I spend all day looking at screens for my job, obviously, so I like to not look at a screen when I read! Yeah same, I find I’m reading a lot less, because I’ve lost my lovely long commute!


      1. Okay, that’s good to know. That’s fair enough, I feel the same way, the only reason I read e-books is because of Netgalley. Once this is all over, I will try to complain about having to use public transport less, I miss my guaranteed reading time!


  3. Oh I hope you love Fangirl! I’ve been wanting to do a reread of all things Rainbow Rowell. Now would be the perfect time. πŸ˜‰ Stay safe and well! ❀


  4. I’ve recently read The Starless Sea, and I agree it gets a little slow and confusing but it’ll get better towards the end. So don’t give up!


  5. I really struggled with The Starless Sea as well, and I nearly gave up because I was confused by the way it kept hopping all over the place between stories! I did finish it and it does pick during the second half, but it was a bit of an effort – if you haven’t read The Night Circus then you definitely should because it’s so much better! The Binding is brilliant though so I hope you enjoy that one πŸ™‚


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