10 Book Titles that Would Make Great Band Names

Short post today because honestly, how much commentary can one add about book titles and band names? Anyway, here are the 10 books titles I think would make great band names.

This is for Top Ten Tuesday, you can find the other posts here and you can check out all my list posts here. Feel free to share any band name books, lists or other musings in the comments, I’d love to chat to you πŸ™‚

Children of Blood and Bone

1. I get a kind of rock band feel from this one.

Rebel of the Sands

2. Maybe more of one person than a band but I could see this fitting into a

The Raven Boys

3. A boyband? Bit of a cheesy name though.

The Belles

4. Possibly I’ve included this one because in Pitch Perfect they’re all in an acapella band called The Bellas, but this sort of works for a girl band? Or a rival acapella band.

Stalking Jack the Ripper

5. I don’t know this is giving me edgy band vibes, I could see it working.

Muse of Nightmares

6. Sequel to Strange the Dreamer and possibly a good rapper name. It could work given the word muse.


7. Learning more towards a garage band here where a group of teenagers think they’re better than they are but I can see the sequel to Caraval being a band name. Maybe even Finale too tbh. Funny story I had a friend who made a garage band and got to the giddy heights of playing on the radio.

Poet X

8. Another rappers I’d say for this one.

The Mercies

9. I’m thinking some kind of punk rock girl band here. Also The Deathless Girls also from Kiran Millwood Hargrave would make a similarly great girl band name.


X. Dystopian throwback, wouldn’t this make an edgy band name?

17 thoughts on “10 Book Titles that Would Make Great Band Names

  1. These would all make great band names! I think Stalking Jack the Reaper is my favorite from your list.

    My TTT


  2. Muse of Nightmares is definitely a popular one this week. I almost added it to my list too! I love the sound of Rebel of the Sands, The Mercies and Poet X. Poet X would be amazing for a solo artist too, I think πŸ˜€ Great list!


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