Fictional Events I’d love to Attend

Have you ever read about a fictional party or event and just wanted to go. Wanted to try that inamagable food or see the pretty lights? Even the bit where the main character get’s a little makeover so they’re wearing the most esquite outfit of their life sounds amazing. Here’s a list of Fictional Events I’d Love to Attend.

This is for Top Ten Tuesday, you can find the other posts here and you can check out all my list posts here. This topic is slightly off topic because it was depressing to look at all the actual book events that have been cancelled this year. I’d much rather think about the ones I had no chance of attending in the first place.



1. Magical circus like arena where you can wonder the streets in those really pretty old fashioned dresses with all the bows and the ruffles meeting crazy and a tad dangerous circus performers while trying magical potions that may have side effects. Sounds great.

Feast Day in Grisha

Shadow and Bone

2. They had me at nobles arriving into town and giving out sweet bread. This big party sounds amazing and I’m definitely up for some thatched roofs, bandit ridden forests and happy villager feasts.

Dragon Choosing Ceremony

The Priory of the Orange Tree

3. In Seikki we see the bravest, strongest warriors fight it out to be the best and then a selected few get to become dragon riders. Obviously I would want to get a dragon but being the spineless coward I am I would settle for watching the dragons choose their riders.

Hogwarts House Cup Award

Harry Potter

4. It was a toss up between this and a Quiditch match but the House Cup presentation includes lots of food and floating candles. And you get to see lots of students care far too much about the colour of the banners on the wall. My school did not care at all about house points.

Capture The Flag at Camp Half Blood

Percy Jackson

5. Ok this one does sound a tad dangerous, so let’s hope I’ve got a competent team. But how fun does capture the flag sound with actual weapons, stalking in a forest, chasing properly trained warriors? Actually I may be putting myself off the idea.

The Night Market

A Darker Shade of Magic

6. This isn’t entirely one event, since it’s on every night (I think?) but I’m definitely keen to attend. Before it was ravaged by the scary black spooky air stuff this place sounded amazing. The crimson river lighting up the old fashioned stalls full of magical objects and amazing seamstresses? Yes please.

Cirque de Reve Opening Night

The Night Circus

7. The circus arrives without warning. And I’d definitely like to attend. Can I just try that cider. And see those performers. Urg it sounds amazing. And again, we’re talking before this places became a death trap.

Presentation of the Tributes Ball

The Hunger Games

8. Ok so yes, everything about the Hunger Games is pretty terrible, but given it’s all fictional anyway I was always curious about the ball. The wacky Capital costumes and Katniss roping Peeta in to help her try to eat all the little pieces of food made me super curious about what this party would be like.

Kai’s Ball


9. How often have you been to a place where the royalty invite everyone to a big party in their house? Can you imagine if we all just got invited to Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle? Urg the dream. That and it’s a ya ball so of course I want to go.

The Masquerade Party

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

X. I can’t exactly remember what this was called but in Karou’s past life she attends a masquerade ball with her fellow goat people (I think? I can’t remember exactly but everyone was part human I think) where she finds an unexpected guest. Either, this ball sounded so magical, and I am bitterly disappointed with the number of masquerade ball opportunities there are in real life.


28 thoughts on “Fictional Events I’d love to Attend

  1. Interesting post there. I want to attend Hogwarts and experience everything about it. As Hogwarts is fictional, the plan is to attend Oxford once in my life and experience that instead. I have a feeling it will be magical.

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    1. Urg same, I’d love to go. Oh yes, Oxford is very similar! And they films bits of Harry Potter in the colleges, and have lots of little shops with sloping fronts stuffed with pens and books and things that feel very Harry Potter. Tbh you could very easily do a bit of a Harry Potter type tour in the UK there’s so many filming locations dotted all over that feel pretty magical!

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  2. I absolutely love this post! What a great idea 🥰. When I was a kid I was DESPERATE to get up to the great ‘lands’ at the top of Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree. Many years later I can say with every certainty that if I was offered an invitation there today, I’d jump at the chance. Never too old for some things!


  3. Great twist! The more I think about it, the more fictional events I can list than the actual ones. Oops! Haha. BUT YES TO ALL OF THESE. Especially Caraval. That would be so dreamy and twisty.


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