Bookish Foods I Crave

When reading a book we bookworms crave many things: the setting, the sense of adventure, the incredible friendships you make along the way. But don’t you, occasionally just crave the food? Here are the bookish foods I crave.

This is for Top Ten Tuesday, you can find the other posts here and you can check out all my list posts here. It’s a tad off topic because I think we were meant to be listing books not food but I got distracted by the food.

Let me know the bookish foods you want to tuck into! Have you wanted any of these? Have you tried making a bookish recipe? Let me know in the comments.

The Cider from The Night Circus

1. Didn’t this cider sound amazing?! Also, yes, I want to visit the mysterious magical circus and wear a silly scarf and see the amazing wonders and intricate clocks. But also, tasty cider!

Ambrosia from Percy Jackson

2. The food from Percy Jackson has magical healing powers that basically keeps everyone in these books alive and well enough to, you know, keep fighting. But ALSO as an added bonus (because obviously magical healing wasn’t enough for these people) it also tastes like your favourite meal. And it’s different for everyone. I just want to see what mine tastes like tbh.

Pumpkin Juice from Harry Potter

3. Does a pumpkin even have any juice? Is it magically squeezed or is there many a blender in Hogwarts? Is it nice like apple juice or nasty and weird like tomato juice? Is it thick like a smoothie? I just have so many questions.

Banquet Food from The Hunger Games

4. I remember very clearly Katniss being amazed by the food the capital has to offer. That she tried to sample everything at the ball and longed for such finery in the arena. Which in turn made me long for fine little bits of futuristic roman style food while curled up warm in my bed reading those books.

Sweet Bread from Shadow and Bone

5. Ok so Mal and Alina had been travelling hungry through the forest for days. And the bread was a happy childhood memory. So potentially it’s one of those things that sounds overrated but I’m hoping this was just the best bread in the world.

Lime Key Pie from Heartless

6. What even is a lime key? Is this a lime pie? It sounds so sour but it’s pie so it must be nice. And thus I would like a sample, please.

Milkshake from The Exact Opposite of Okay

7. This book made me so hungry. There was talk of diorites, nachos, milkshakes, burgers. Urg. It was like a junk food blog not a book. I had serious hunger pains by page 50.

The Feast from City of Brass

8. There’s a bit at the beginning of The City of Brass where Nahri falls asleep amongst mountains of food designed to embarrass her and all I could think was “Why can’t my enemies be so lovely as to try and bring me down with mountains of delicious food?”

An Orange from the Priory of the Orange Tree

9. There was some nice sounding food in that Priory place but who wouldn’t want a magical orange that gives one super powers?

Goulash from Poison from Daughter of Smoke and Bone

X. I love steaming hot bowls of Goulash at the best of times (I mean, who doesn’t?) but how good did this traditional Prague goulash sound?! Also I’m fairly sure these bowls of Goulash were massive and all food is just better in bigger quantities. Except vegetables.

8 thoughts on “Bookish Foods I Crave

  1. I’d definitely be curious to know about some of these. I had HP on my list for this but I was thinking about the feasts. Makes me hungry just thinking about it 😂 great list!


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