Books I Wish I’d Read at a Different Time

Have you ever read a novel and jsut felt it wasn’t the right time? Maybe you’re going through a break up and try a romance, only to find you hate the protagonist and their perfect new boyfriend. Maybe you read a novel about a teen as an adult and find the protagonist ridiculously whiny and fickle. This has definitely happened to me. Here are the Books I Wish I’d Read at a Different Time.

This is for Top Ten Tuesday, you can find the other posts here and you can check out all my list posts here. Let me know in the comments which books you think you read at the wrong time.

Magnus Chase

1. When I was a kid we had Percy Jackson, which was great, but by the time the Magnus Chase I was a bit old. And yes, I am very gutted to have outgrown Rick Riordan. What kid doesn’t want to read bout Vikings? And also this series contained a much more diverse cast than the original Percy Jackson books.

The Exact Opposite of Okay

2. The point of this novel is to show the toxic behaviour of ‘nice guys’ towards woman. When I read this book I was like “Oh my gosh, I recognise the guy in this novel. I have been in this situation.” and felt a lot less alone. I just wish I’d read it before I met the ‘nice guy’ I met because I honestly didn’t realise this was a thing until it was spelled out to me.

Throne of Glass

3. If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time you’ll know I really couldn’t get into the Throne of Glass novels. I was just a bit done with that classic YA world by the time I read them. But if I’d read them a little younger (I’m thinking when Clary and Katniss were my bookish favourites) I think I’d have felt very differently.


4. I love the Fangirl setting. I love university as a setting for novels (I really think it’s not used enough) but when I read Fangirl I struggled to connect with Cath. I found her whiny and a bit selfish. I wonder if I’d read it at a different point if I’d have come of feeling very different.


5. I did enjoy Caraval but I did find it a bit childish. Just in the writing style and the way Tella or Scarlett occasionally acted. I wish I’d read it a bit younger because I think the magical world of Caraval would go from a four star read to a five star.

The Raven Boys

6. I just think I would have related more to the students in this novel had I been in school at the time myself rather than university. Although there’s only so much you can relate to when the characters are crazy rich or from a family that can see the future.

One of Us is Lying

7. Much like The Raven Boys I loved this novel (easily a 5 star, I read it within hours) but think the whole being on trial for murder in your last year at school is more enjoyable if you read it when you’re a student yourself.

Shadow and Bone

8. Much like Throne of Glass by the time I got round to reading Shadow and Bone I was sort of done with the typical YA world, the girl who isn’t like any others and the unappealing love triangles. I think if I’d read it a few years earlier it would have been my jam though.

The Sun is Also a Star

9. I really loved this novel. I can’t believe a novel set over just one day it hooked me so totally. But, again, I think it would have been more relatable if I’d read it when I was a bit younger and actually dependent on people in the way these teens are.

The Bone Season

X. Ok so possibly any book you read while doing your dissertation is going to be a bit of a lost cause but this one I really struggled with. It was a bit too slow and trying to be a bit too clever when I probably needed something light hearted and refreshing. Either way it was a DNF and a reading slump for me after reading this.

6 thoughts on “Books I Wish I’d Read at a Different Time

  1. I would have been all over Shadow and Bone if I’d read it at 15/16 but at 21, yeah it kind of felt a little been there done that. I actually enjoyed Magnus Chase, but I’ve come to the same feeling about Rick Riordan’s books with the Apollo series, which is a real shame (I’ll probably still finish though as I’ve only got two books left to read and I don’t like leaving series unfinished). Radio Silence was a similar situation for me that you mention with The Raven Boys and One of Us Is Lying, it’s all about A-Level stress and applying to University and by the time I read it, it was the summer before my final year of Uni and I was just kind of like…


  2. I have thus far declined to look up the plot summaries of any of the popular fantasy novels I see on TTT all the time, partly because I really enjoy gleaning tidbits now and again when people write details about why they chose them for TTT. For instance, until now I had absolutely no idea that The Raven Boys involved rich people who can see the future. So you’re telling me they’re NOT from a clan of people in a vaguely medieval-ish setting who make war on non-Raven clans while wearing, IDK, cloaks and possibly hoods decorated with raven feathers??

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t connect with Fangirl as much as hoped. I agree that the university setting is great; I’m generally at least 25% more interested in a novel when it takes place there. Some others I’ve liked in that setting are Just One Day by Gayle Forman and Psych Major Syndrome by Alicia Thompson. And there’s one I didn’t like as a whole, but I did like the setting of — Better Than Running At Night by Hillary Frank. Do you have any recs?



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